You’re On Your Own | Unskippable - Marketing Keynote Speaker - Jim Kukral

You’re On Your Own

Don’t rely on other people to promote your project. Or your book. Or your new blog. Or anything. I’m writing this today because you need to hear this as I’ve learned it first-hand.

You’re on your own… mostly.

1. Getting “Big Name A” in your industry to Tweet for you isn’t a marketing plan. It’s nice, but don’t cry when they won’t do it.

2. Most people are only really interested in promoting themselves. They act like they care publicly, but when it comes down to actually helping you, they don’t. Don’t count on them. This is such a sad truth, but it’s absolutely true.

3. A few, real friends and associates will help you always. Those are your true friends. Cherish them. Return the favors.

4. Your fans and people who are into you from the platform you’ve built will always be your best allies.

That’s it. Go create something remarkable. But don’t count on other people making it a success for you. This you must do on your own.

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