I Have A Huge… | Unskippable - Marketing Keynote Speaker - Jim Kukral

I Have A Huge…

Network. I have a huge network… Get your mind out of the gutter people.

I am blessed to be in contact with a lot of very skilled people in the Internet space. And there is nothing I like doing more than referring people just for fun. It’s great fun, and very karmic. So…

Use me. What do you need?

Need a speaker of some kind of topic related to the Web and marketing and all that stuff? I can find the right one for you for your topic and budget.

Need a resource or tool to build something? I either know about it, or will find someone who does for you.

Need to be connected with people who can help you run your business better? Or need a virtual assistant help? I can hook you up.

Need graphic design help or WordPress help or book marketing help? I do that, but I’ll refer you to someone else if you wish. :)

Need motivation? I’ll kick you in the ass if you want it. I’m good at it. My books are written to do that.

Need a hug and encouragement? I can do that to.

What do YOU need? If I can’t do it for you, someone in my network can. Contact me.

As usual, free of charge.