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I’m Tired Of Your Whining

Over the past 30-days I’ve done the following.

  • Built a brand-new community for authors and launched it to thousands
  • Finished another book I’m completely proud of to rave reviews
  • Given away over 40-hours of free, blog setup and design service
  • Spent tons of more hours on the phone with many people who needed my advice, free
  • Finished another book while editing through hundreds of story submissions from HARO
  • Helped many authors create their book brand and start pre-selling the book
  • And much, much more. All while still being able to spend time with my family and get some fishing in

Yes, I do sleep. I’m just good at what I am good at. I focus on those things, so I can get a lot done.

What have you done? I am asking you this because I’m sick and tired of hearing the whiners out there tell me that they cannot be successful.

Tell me, now, what have you done to MAKE your success? Because the truth is, that you already know, is that nobody is going to give it to you. Nobody. YOU have to take it.

Want the lifestyle you have always dreamed of? Get to work.

Need a blog or website? Let me set one up for you.

Want to finally write a book? Let me help you create it and sell it.

Need motivation? Read one of my books or take my free 5-day bootcamp.

Need something else? I’ll tell you what to do and what you need. Contact me and we’ll chat.

But do something, anything. Inaction is failure.

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