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Why I Gave Away Over 8,000 Copies Of My Latest Book

Business Around a Lifestyle, Volume 1 has now been downloaded by over 8,000 people on the Kindle store on Amazon. For free. This comes directly from running two free promotion days, two weeks apart (Note: Amazon gives you five total when you enroll in KDP Select to use as you wish).

After the first free promotion, the book stayed “on the charts” in Amazon’s top seller lists for about 6-days, bringing in just over 100 downloads at $6.17 a piece, including 35 “borrows”. Remember, that’s all post free promotion. The book also continued to stay in the high Amazon rankings and categories of motivation, entrepreneurship and business.

This second free promotional day has done even better so far. In 24 hours, the book was downloaded over 4,500 times. Again, for free. I expect that the listing will continue to keep the book bumped up on the Amazon lists for another week or so, allowing me to sell a few more hundreds books.

Publishing with Amazon is truly a game-changing event for me, and for thousands of other authors. This is why I established my book marketing firm Digital Book Launch, and my author marketing community at Author Marketing Club. Because the opportunity right now for authors is UNBELIEVABLE.

Oh, and before you go and tell me the reason I got so many free downloads was because of my blog and my readership I already have? You should know that for this free promotion, I only sent out three tweets and two Facebook updates, and I didn’t tell anyone on my email lists about it. I simply used free resources available online to everyone to spread the word. So this was completely platform independent. Just wanted to clear that up for people who say you can only be successful and do things like this if you have a large email list. Not true.

I keep getting asked why I am so happy about my book being downloaded so many times for free. So here’s my answer(s).

1. Exposure equals opportunity. Every single reader who I get exposed to is a potential client, or potential speaking gig, or potential business partner, or potential future best-friend. You cannot underestimate how valuable it is to have your best content sitting in the hands of people who could potentially drive your business for the next five to ten years. Ten of those 8,000 plus readers could turn into high six-figures in consulting fees or speaking gigs during that time, and that’s a low, rock-bottom conservative estimate. Do the math. 1% of 8,000 is 80. Can I pick up 1% or 80 new clients from 8,000 plus downloads canadian casinos online? I don’t know. I like my odds though.

2. Writing a book isn’t always about selling a ton of books. The people who make a ton of money from books are people who can write about hugely popular genres like romance or horror or thrillers, etc… Fiction stuff sells EXTREMELY well these days in digital form. Non-fiction does too, but in my niche, the target audience is tiny in comparison. The concept of thinking I’m going to make a million dollars in direct sales of my one book in my niche is not a solid as rock concept. Now, with multiple books over a few years period… maybe. I’m certainly going to try.

3. If I could make it free forever I probably would. In fact, my latest book which I haven’t even announced yet is probably never going to be sold at more than a few dollars or less because the entire point of the book is a lead generator for my business.

4. I have two more books in the series coming, sign up here to get notified when they launch. You liked the first one? Well, Volume 2 and 3 will be here soon. You will probably want those too. I’m not sure if they’ll be free. :)

5. I like it when people read my books. I write motivational and entrepreneurial content. I’ve found that my work inspires people to take action and help themselves. I’m proud of this ability and I’m glad to be able to continue to do it. It makes me feel good to do this for people, so I’m just going to keep doing it.

Thank you for reading.

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