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Why I Turned Down A $10k Speaking Gig In Russia

Yeah, I turned down $10,000 dollars for a keynote speaking gig in Southern Russia at the end of May 2012. Last year at this time I turned down a similar gig in Australia as well.

Now you are saying to yourself… “Jim, you are nuts! It’s ten grand! You get to travel to exotic locations that most people don’t get to ever see!”

Believe me, I thought about it. Here’s my explanation of why I turned them down.

Southern Russia and Australia are amazing places to which I’ve never been. They are also very, very far away. To travel that far requires a week of my time when you consider preparation and travel and jetlag. The way I look at it, my time for a week is valued close to that. Plus it’s time away from my family.

I’m not a huge traveler. While I love to go places; I hate getting there. The idea of sitting in a coach seat for 16-hours to speak for a few hours, then getting back on a plane home to do it all over again is not an attractive one. Even at $10k.

Would I have taken the gig if it was closer? Heck yes. Even central Europe would be close enough.

Would I take a gig that pays more? Heck yes. I’d bring my entire family and take another week off and travel with them.

I LOVE to speak. I’m really good at it. I’d fly to Mars to speak if it was worth my time. But that’s just it. It has to be worth your time. Otherwise, why do it?

I’ve already contacted my network of speaking friends about the gig and I’m pretty sure one of them will respond and take my place. I have a big network and I’m glad to refer. Send me pics!

By the way, I have the dates at the end of May open for speaking. I’d love to come to your Country or city.

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