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Free Book Marketing Training Videos

Ever wanted to write and market a book? As I said in my guest post, The Secret to Overnight Book Marketing Success, it’s not that easy.

Having overnight success of your book would be like winning the lottery; the odds aren’t great to say the least. Just like in life and in business, there are a very few select group of people who “hit the winning ticket” by accident or luck. As I wrote in my book Business Around a Lifestyle, Volume 1, “Some people are born into money and success. Some just get lucky. The rest of us, well, we all have to work to get where we want to be.” So you want to be a successful author? Stop believing that you can somehow do it overnight or that you’re going to hit the lottery. You’re not.

Over at the Author Marketing Club (free membership), we’ve been quietly compiling a kick-butt resource center full of free educational training videos about how to write, market and sell books. Check it out here.

You can watch videos on:

  • The Reasons Why You’re Not Selling Any Books
  • How To Launch Your Book Like An Internet Marketer
  • Book Reviews – How To Get Them & Why They Matter
  • How To Crowdfund Your Next Book
  • How To Upload A Book To Amazon Tutorial
  • The New Rules of Self-Publishing Webinar Replay