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A Day In The Life Of A Virtual Assistant

I’ve been using a virtual assistant for about a year now, and I can honestly tell you that it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. My VA’s name is RJ and he’s an amazing graphic designer and WordPress/website builder. He has helped me take my services, and my own personal projects to a new level.

How? Because before RJ, I was simply unable to get as much done as I wanted to. When you hire the right virtual assistant, it allows you to free up your time to do other things. For example, I used to spend countless hours creating blogs and landing pages and artwork. Now I just send it off to RJ and he does it for me while I’m out there selling or marketing or creating content.

If you’re interested in finding an assistant, just contact me and I can point you in the right direction.

I asked RJ to write up what it’s like to be a virtual assistant as I was curious about how he felt about his job. I also thought it would be interesting for all of us to hear what his job is like. Below is his unedited reply.

This is my first time working as a virtual assistant to a client. With my last previous work, we had a project manager that gives us tasks that he knows we can do in a certain amount of time, but this time I am the designer, developer and the project manager. So this job has a huge multi-tasking part to manage and to do the project the clients sends me.

In my first few days of work, it was really hard to adjust because after speaking with my client, I will move on to do my tasks then submit finished tasks then move on to another tasks. As time goes by, I got used to it so I can manage and do my tasks without pressure. Of course I have my to-do lists every day so I can manage what tasks to be done on that day.

I start my day managing my tasks. Reading all project requirements and planning what will be done first. Almost all of the time, I do graphic design projects first because it’s more fun to do that coding and developing websites. I can think out-of-the-box to create more appealing designs and gives me time to search similar designs the client wants.

Creating graphic designs, website headers, book covers and other website banners are challenging because I must make it stand out among those design references I looked into. The design process is much more like innovating new design ideas that other people rarely see or just look good in the eyes of the client. There are times that clients want more simpler designs than the colorful ones, so I make it simpler but more attractive, more like modern but simple design. Bringing PSD designs to life or web development is challenging too, but it can be easier by using website tools like WordPress and other website developing tools.

When a project is done, it was labeled as pending before the client considered it as approved. For design project, all PSD files must be kept, all versions of the design, so it can be edited if there are revisions. However, html files must be kept but I do save them by date so if there’s any errors coding the latest html file, I can still have the copy of the old file.

There are times that I would spend my time gathering all possible resources that I can use in other website development and design projects. There are websites that provide PSD files, icons or anything that I can use in design and development. I bookmark all the helpful links like tutorials, linked lists or just a blog posts that will help me on the project.

If you’re in need of any high-quality graphic work, or website/blog builds or anything web related. Contact me and we’ll get to work on your project today, at a cost you won’t find anywhere else. RJ is waiting.

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