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Why Should You Consider Self-publishing?

This is a guest post by Joshua Sloan.

Writing a book can be a daunting task for even the most accomplished author, as it takes a vast amount of time and dedication to write a quality book that people will actually find value in. However, after a book is written, an even harder task awaits the author. That task is trying to sell that book that took hours and hours of tedious writing to create.

Celebrities and former best selling authors have it easy. They can pitch just about any book idea, get a huge advance on the plot and then write the book later. They don’t have to worry about finding a publisher, publishing costs or even marketing, as they usually have a whole team devoted to them for that purpose. A regular average Joe will start with a huge disadvantage in the publishing world and that is just the nature of the beast. However, there are ways that an aspiring author can get a new book published with a minimal investment and still have access to millions of customers at the same time.

The meteoric rise of eBooks in the past few years and the development of high quality eBook readers has broken down the barrier of entry to authors who want to get their material published. There are thousands of brilliant authors with extensive knowledge in their respective fields, and until now, that knowledge and insight has been hidden from the world, simply because the publishing industry was so hard to crack.

Amazon.com has been the pioneer of the eBook and self-publishing revolution, with an amazing marketplace that complements their popular eBook reader, the Kindle. This reader is considered to be the best in the industry simply for the fact that it is easy-to-use, inexpensive and people have access to a whole new library of content not available before. Also, people with other devices, such as an iPad, MAC or other readers, can still download books from the marketplace and read them easily with a Kindle app.

This marketplace is also where authors have found their new home in the publishing world. The self-publishing platform that Amazon.com offers is unlike any other in the industry, since it allows a person to upload a file of their work and have it published almost immediately. There are plenty of other features that benefit the author on the Kindle platform. All authors can participate in a 70% royalty program, which is incredible considering that Amazon will take care of payment processing, refunds and general customer service. Also, Amazon is an international site, meaning that you will have access to people all across the world. Amazon also serves around 50 million visitors a month, meaning an author will have less work to get visitors to see their book. In addition to that aspect, an international author can even sell their books in different currencies if so desired.

The biggest benefit to self-publishing is that an author has the ability to produce a vast amount of books quickly. If a person is an expert in a certain field, it can be greatly beneficial for them and their readers to publish a series of books about specific subjects in that field. Everyone is truly a winner and the author gets the recognition for their work while readers get new insight they may have never received before the rise of eBooks. Finally, for those that dream of being on the New York Times Best Seller’s List, self-publishing may be the best way to start out. If a person can build a name for themselves online and show they can create really good books that people love, publishers may be more open to inking them to a big deal later on. Start small, dream big and work your way to the success that you deserve.

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