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I’m Not Bragging

I had two conversations with two potential clients today. They contacted me after reading my books and wanted me to help them with their businesses/brands. So we get on the phone and I attempt to figure out how I can help them, or if I can at all, free.

The first conversation is with a gentleman who wants to build a large directory site for a certain medical industry. For example, if you searched for “foot doctors” on Google, you’d find his site, which would be a country-wide directory of foot doctors. We’ve all seen these sites.

To build the site the way he wanted it, I estimated it would have cost him about $15-$20k at least. That was my quote. And frankly, he was ready to buy. But I talked him out of it.

What? You talked a potential client out of spending that much money with you? Yes, because his business model is borked. It’s not his fault; it’s just that Google has declared war on directory type sites like this, through both the Penguin update and Google Local/business pages. You see, I explained to the gentleman that if it was me, I wouldn’t build a site like he wanted because he’d be in direct competition with Google, and guess who’s going to win that battle?

He actually sounded deflated and said, “I feel like you just dropped a big bucket of water on my head.”

I did, and I’m not sorry about it. I’m not going to take someone’s money and build them something that I think is going to fail. Sorry, I won’t do it.

The second person I spoke to today was a woman that was in her retirement and had a DVD product she sells online about diabetes (curing it through good health). When I quoted her my monthly rate, she said she couldn’t afford it. Why? Because years ago she took the advice of a person who basically ripped her off for years and drained her husband’s retirement fund and produced nothing.

Sigh. I hear this once a week at least.

So I’m going to help her out by getting her a free blog setup and I’ll do a logo for here and some other stuff. She was practically crying on the phone in joy that I was going to help her.

I’m not bragging. This isn’t about that. This is about how you live your life and how you handle your business and how you build your brand.

Are you in business to make money at all costs, even from people who can’t afford it? Lame.

Are you in business to rip people off? You’re an asshole.

Are you in business to over charge people for things that they can get cheaper in other places? Go suck an egg.

I know you people exist and I loathe you. You may call it good business, but I call it being a complete douchebag.

I ask you, everyone else, what’s your reason for being in business? Mine is to help people. Plain and simple. To teach them and guide them and see them succeed.

What about you?

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