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I Almost Forgot To Wear Pants To Work Today

I was halfway out the door this morning into my garage when I realized I should probably put on some shorts (not kidding). Why so distracted? I couldn’t wait to get into the office and write this blog post about my wife’s new book out today.

Read below for my special offer if you buy her book today.

Save-Green-While-You-Go-Green-23-Ecofriendly-Ways-To-Save-Money-While-You-Save-The-Planet.pdf-1My wife, also known as MomGoesGreen, has been blogging about “going green” for over 3-years now. She’s created hundreds of posts about raising a family and “being green”. In fact, for a while she was writing as an exclusive writer for Suze Orman on one of her featured blogs. I’ve always said she is a way better blogger than I am.

Today she, and me obviously, are VERY excited to announce her new book is available for purchase on both Hyperink and Amazon.

As an author of eight books (with more coming) I am super excited to have finally convinced her to join the ranks. Writing a book that people love is an amazing feeling. It justifies all of your hard work when you see people buying it, and enjoying it and leaving reviews. Not to mention it adds an extreme amount of credibility to your brand in whatever subject-matter expertise you have going.

It took me over a year to get her convinced to finally do it, and wow, she nailed it out of the park. The book is called Save Green While You Go Green: 23 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money While You Save the Planet. It’s a perfect book for the person who wants to finally learn some super-easy ways to greenify their lives. She’s not talking about expensive, hard to do stuff either. Chapter-by-chapter, she gives you simple, fast, and inexepensive ways to save money while “going green” at the same time.

My Offer “Bribe” To You

Here’s an offer you cannot, or shouldn’t, refuse. If you purchase a copy of my wife’s book today, and then leave a review on Amazon, I’ll give you free access to my Write A Book Already training course ($49 value). To recap… So you spend $8.50, and you get her book, but you also get my training course so you can learn how to write your own book just like she did. Sweet deal. Only good for a few days.

Deal? Just go here and buy the book, then send me the receipt to jimkukral at gmail dot com and I’ll give you access to the training course.

Thank you for your support. I know you will love her tips in the book. I couldn’t be more proud!

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