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Plenty Of People Think I’m An Idiot

Was reading Chris Brogan’s post this morning called “Not Worthy“. Good points in the piece, but the end paragraphs got me the most.

From here on out, your bravery requires you to stop talking down about that which you produce. Instead, just focus on improving the quality of your work. Measure yourself (and only yourself) against the value of the work you create, and then against the achievement of goals you’ve set for yourself (never the intentions of others). Let no external system drive you as much as your internal measures. No gold medals, no ranks, nothing that comes from the perceptions of others.

You are worth your time. You are worth it. Your efforts are yours to judge, and yours alone. Nothing a boss or coworkers or anyone says will ever matter as much as your own perception of your work, and what it will indication needs improving.

For over 10-years now I’ve been coming up with sometimes wacky, sometimes just plain stupid ideas. I take some of them and try them, and some of them I shelf for another day. Most failed. Some succeeded. That’s the way it goes.

But I believed in every one of them. I don’t care that some people don’t get my latest Jim For Life project and think it’s arrogant. I don’t care that some people do in fact think I’m a complete idiot.

I believe in it, and it might fail. Then I’ll try again. But I believe in it; that’s all that matters.

I know my intentions; which is to help people. I didn’t do it for the money, obviously. I’m doing it because I can reach more people. Yet, because of the state of the world we live in now, some people still won’t even participate for a buck because they’re so jaded by getting ripped off and everything having a catch.

There’s no catch at Jim For Life. There’s no reason I should feel bad because it might not work. Judge your own efforts as Chris said. Live your life career on your own terms and see what happens. Be authentic to who you are and try new things.

You never know, it just might work.

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