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It Was Never About The Money (12 Days left)

Jim For Life only has 12 days left for that specific crowdfunding campaign. As you can see, we’ve raised just over $1,300 for the project, from just over 100 people. Not impressive at all, right? Wrong!

It was never about the money raised. It was about reaching new people. It was about trying something new.

I will not measure the success or failure of this project on the money. Heck, if I did why would I have made it only $1.00 to be part of it? As I said in the Jim For Life marketing material, the only reason I did a crowdfunding campaign for it was because I wanted to get more attention to help spread the word more.

And it worked. Big time. I’ve been contacted by all kinds of bloggers and media people who are watching the project and ready to write about it. I’ve been contacted by tons of authors and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about crowdfunding. I’ve been contacted by tons of people who want to know how I made the video on the campaign. Here’s how by the way.

Oh, and the entire point. I’ve connected with over 100 people who want to be in my inner circle and who want to get my new books when they come out, and hopefully, help me spread the word about them as well.

No, you don’t measure campaigns like this in dollars directly. You measure them in exposure and reach and leads. That’s the biggest mistake most people make. They focus on the money that comes direct. This was never about the direct money.

We have 12-days left to go to get all my books for the next year fro only $1.00. You in?

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