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Videos For Business – Explainer Videos

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As I wrote in my HuffingtonPost piece a bit ago, explainer videos are the new infographics.

Yes, infographics are usually very interesting, which makes them shareable, which is the holy grail of every content marketer’s dreams. Smart marketers and content creators make branded infographics that contain links or calls to actions back to their websites. As those infographics get shared naturally, so does their brand message and the opportunity for viral growth.

But what infographics can’t do is entertain, or explain in a way that a video does. Videos have the unique ability to not only visualize a message, but also add entertaining motion effects and sound; creating a much more powerful effect on the message delivered.

The time has come to take the world of infographics to the next level: video. Or as some are calling them, explainer videos. Explainer videos are short, actionable and instructive videos that businesses use to quickly explain what it is they do, and how they can solve their customer’s biggest problems.

Below is the intro video for the company I started called Funnervids makes fun, inexpensive, animated business explainer videos that will wow your customers, all for the low fee of $999. Want to know more? Visit the site, or even better, watch the video below.

[leadplayer_vid id=”50649908EB85E”]

Here are some other explainer videos that you will like.

[leadplayer_vid id=”506499C926EA9″] [leadplayer_vid id=”506499FFAD42B”]