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Business Around A Lifestyle Volume 2 + Free Bonus

It’s finally here. Part II of my book series Business Around A Lifestyle (How To Create An Amazing Online Business & Profit From It) is live on sale on Amazon and ready for your reviews. If you haven’t read Volume 1 yet, I would suggest you grab it here first, then move on to Volume 2.

NOTE: Purchase a digital copy by October 22 and I’ll give you free access to my Online Video Toolkit 2.0 training site ($99 value). Learn how to make amazing Web videos. Just contact me after at jim at jimkukral dot com with your Amazon receipt and I’ll get you access right away.

In Volume 1 I focused on inspiring you to believe that you could in fact do this. You could change your lifestyle and build a Web business around it. Thousands of people have read the book and have left reviews like these.

“The book is full of inspiration and motivation and I know that anyone that reads this will come out enlightened and ready to take steps to change their own lives!” Dad of Divas

“This book offers guidelines for setting goals and getting started in a rewarding business and lifestyle.” Janette Fuller

“It’s hard to find an informational book that is just easy and enjoyable to read.” Mark Ward

So What Is Volume 2 About Then?

Simply put: execution! This book focuses on how to get it done. What types of Web businesses and business models make sense for your goals? What tools and resources can you use to create content and build a business online?

From the Amazon description.

Volume 2: On How To Change Your Lifestyle & Provide For Your Family

It’s Time To Execute! How’d You Like To Know Exactly What To Do To Create A Web Business? Provide for your family by learning how to build a real business online. Learn how to:

Know What To Do And What NOT To Do
Don’t spend years building a Web business that won’t work. Learn how to build it the right way. Learn how to build something that lasts and provides for your family for generations.

13-Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be
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Exactly How Do People Make Money On The Web
The Internet has made millionaires out of millions of people. Real, regular people with skills and knowledge about any topic who use the power of the Web to build a legitimate and long-lasting online business. Want to know how?