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Ducttape Marketing Guy Wants You To Make Work Worth It (podcast)

I recently had the chance to interview the great John Jantsch, aka Ducttape Marketing guy, to talk about his new book The Commitment Engine. Below is the podcast interview. This is John’s third book, and I look forward to reading it. His first two books, are books I have read and I highly recommend. So much so I’ve made video reviews of the both, that can be found on each respective Amazon page.

So what will you learn from listening to John today? Well, how about how to build a successful and powerful brand that can make you millions? You’ll also learn how to find out how to find the “why” in your life, which comes in useful if you’re trying to decide what type of business you want to be in.

Look, John is a mega-successful speaker and businessman. This interview is solid-gold in terms of information that will help you succeed. Get inspired by listening to John, I do every day. Oh, and grab his new book and get some bonuses here.

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