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The Most Difficult Thing To Do Is Talk About Yourself

Anyone who is in the business of marketing will tell you… The most difficult thing to do is talking about yourself. That could mean you, your brand, or your business. For years I’ve struggled with answering the question of “What do you do Jim?” And, “tell me more about yourself”. So much so I’ve hired professionals who have a much easier time of explaining what I do and what I have done.

I think we all just get too close to ourselves; plus the fact that most of us are humble (I know I am) and tend to speak lightly of ourselves. I don’t think that’s a flaw. I just think that’s how we are.

The good news is that you get better at it over time. I’ve always been a person who follows his passion. Which is why I always appear to be jumping all over the place with my focus and business models. Finally though, over the past 3-years or so, I’ve been able to decide what I do best, and what I like to do most. The video below explains it all in just over two minutes. Take a quick watch and let me know if I made it clear enough?

Here’s the script from the video.

Hi, I’m Jim Kukral

Thanks for visiting my website. This is a quick little video explaining what I can do to help you today. Ready? Here goes…

Number 1: I’ve been building websites and brands for people for over 16-years. My firm, specializes in creating powerful WordPress driven sites and blogs. As well as logos and landing pages. Starting a new business? Need a refresher of your existing website? We can help you get it done so you can get more sales, leads and publicity. Affordably too. Want a quote? Visit for more info and examples.

Number 2: I write and market books. A lot of them. As of right now I have 8 books for sale on Amazon. Got a book in you? You need an eye-catching cover, as well as a strategy to launch and market it to meet your goals. My firm, focuses on helping you write a book that makes sense for your agenda, and then market it. Check out our cover design services and marketing packages at Then let’s get on the phone to chat about it.

Number 3: Like this video? Pretty neat huh? This type of explainer video helps you communicate your business in just a few minutes bitcoin casino bonuses. That means more engagement and conversions for you! is my firm where you can get your very own video just like this for only $999. Curious? Check out our client list and video examples at

Hmmm, so what else? We’re running out of time. Gotta keep this video short. Here’s a few other things I can do for you.

Need a speaker for your event? Check out my speaking page for video samples and availability.

Need a Web business consultant? I occasionally take on clients who need help. Drop me a note and we’ll see if there’s a match.

Need a fishing buddy? Just say the word and I’ll put my waders on and meet you in the water.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon.