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If I Could Be Anyone Else It Would Be Bill Murray, And Here’s Why

Like a LOT of people I’m fascinated with Bill Murray, the legendary actor and all around just probably one of the most liked people on the planet. If you don’t know the legend of Bill Murray, start here. If you don’t like, or don’t know who Bill is, this entire thing is probably not going to make sense. Click that link, go read some stories, then come back.

Here’s the thing about Bill Murray. When I look at him, and read about him I think to myself, “Self, this guy is everything that you should be. Carefree, fun, adventurous. Just present in your life.” Because that’s what he is. And who doesn’t want that? You might not think you do, but be honest with yourself, it would be pretty amazing.

There’s a great book I read about these stories and his career that I highly recommend. There’s also a Netflix movie about all of this. And countless other articles and stories you can read about building his legend. Just use the Google.

My favorite is when Bill walks up to people, does something to them, and says after, “No one will ever believe you.” Like the guy who said he was eating his lunch at Wendy’s and Bill walked up, grabbed fry from him, ate it, then said that and walked away.

He’s right. Nobody is going to believe you. But it happened, and he does stuff like that all the time.

Some people might think that this is him just being a clown or putting on a show when he does things. It’s not. He lives his life this way and it’s fucking awesome. Bill just isn’t being “wacky”. He isn’t doing “stunts” or “skits”. He’s, through his carefree actions, teaching us how to really live. How to get fully engaged and be mindful of the world around us. 

To embrace the moment and just, fucking, live.

How many of us don’t enjoy life? I mean, even the smallest of things. Joining a kick ball game you come across at the park? Walking into a house party and just hanging out with some cool people? Offering your extra ticket to a World Series game to a random stranger you met on the street? These are all Bill Murray stories. Most of us don’t think that way though. We’re guarded and worried and hesitant. Social media has made it even worse. We connect with each other even less now on a real, face-to-face, human being level. 

But not Bill. He comes into people’s lives randomly, reads the room, and makes everyone feel special. We all want to be better versions of ourselves because of him.

Look at his films. A lot of the themes in most of his films are about letting go, enlightenment, and moving on. Living life at its fullest. From the famous line, “It just doesn’t matter” from the movie Meatballs. To the Razor’s Edge where he sees death and war and pain and decides to live a life the opposite of that. To Groundhog Day where he lives the same day over and over and eventually learns how to be a better person and be present every day instead of wasting your life doing the same thing, every day. Scrooged is ultimately the same story as well.

Here’s what I take away from Bill. Good things can lead to bad things. Bad things can lead to good things. If you win, or if you lose, it just doesn’t matter. Because life is going on either way. 

The question is, are you going to be present in it, through all the good and the bad, and experience it and live it, or not? 

Are you going to wake up every day like it’s Groundhog day and live the same experience over and over, and change nothing then die?

Because isn’t that what we’re all doing? Wash, rinse, repeat. Over and over and over. A friend calls and asks us if we want to go see a band we’ve never heard of. We say no because “we just don’t have time” or “never heard of them so why would I do that?” You see a flyer on a telephone pole about how to learn how to play piano but you decide you’re too old or you don’t have time to try that even though it’s been a life-long dream.

Think about that. That’s how most of us are living our lives. I’m guilty. Are you? Probably.

What must it be like to wake up every day and be Bill Murray? Experiencing new things and just living the life you’ve always wanted?

So what’s stopping us from living the unlived life like Bill Murray? Money for one. Bill’s rich, I get it. He doesn’t have to work. He can go anywhere, anytime and just randomly walk around and do fun stuff and experience things. We can’t. We have jobs and responsibilities. He’s also famous, so he can walk into your party and start washing your dishes and nobody is going to stop him. Or he can walk behind your bar and start bartending and they’re not going to call the cops.

But other than that, what is really stopping us? Time? Bullshit, we have time. How much time do we waste watching mindless television shows? How much time do we waste arguing with people about politics on Facebook? 

You have time; you just choose to use it the wrong way.

Bill doesn’t. And that’s why we should all aspire to be like him.

So text me now. What’s your favorite Bill Murray story, AND, what are you going to do today that is different than the same thing you do every day?

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