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?Why People Make Decisions & How Understanding Them Will Make You Happier & More Successful In Life & Business

Let’s switch gears a bit this week and talk about something else entirely, sort of. Today I want to talk about why people make decisions. You know, like why they vote, and why they buy/choose. 

Because this is important stuff to know as you navigate your life. 

You may not own a business, or you may not be running for office, but you do influence people every single day. Could be your kids, or a co-worker or a family member or friend. Could be your boss or a person you’re on a job interview with. 

We persuade, or attempt to, every single day of our lives.

It’s also very important in life to know WHY people make decisions, because it can not only help you understand people who disagree with you (and keep you sane), but it can help you persuade people when you need to do that.

Let’s start with a political example to make my point. This is NOT a political argument. I don’t care if you’re left/right/middle. Doesn’t matter. If you follow the United States political scene, you’ll know right now the Democratic party is in the middle of trying to decide who will get the nomination to run for president in the fall. 

Super Tuesday happened and everyone thought that Bernie Sanders was going to win big. But, Joe Biden came out of nowhere really and won the day. Why?

Well, if you look at Bernie’s supporters, a lot of them are younger. They have passion for a cause. They are driven to want change. But, guess what? They didn’t show up to vote. Again, why? Because younger generations don’t like the voting process. It’s antiquated. It’s “too hard”. It means they have to go to a polling location and deal with people. 

So they didn’t show up. And they won’t show up, ever, in greater numbers because they don’t like the system we’ve given them. They want it their way, which is, if we allowed them to vote by their phones, it would be a landslide “show up” rate for them.

Meanwhile, older voters who are indoctrinated into the current archaic voting methods DID show up, and those people are for Biden.

So what have we learned? We’ve learned that if you want to persuade a certain group of people, or one person, to do something, you have to make it easy for them to do so, and you have to allow them to do it the way THEY want to do it.

This is the world we’ve created. A world where the consumer is in control. 

Trying anything else, in any other way, means you lose. Period.

But you might say, “this is how we do it and this is how it’s always been done and we’re sticking with it!” 

Ok, terrible plan, but ok. Watch as you keep losing, over and over, in business, and in life. Losing arguments with your kids/spouse. Losing a job you wanted. Whatever.

So the first step for you today is to start understanding WHY people make decisions. Then figure out HOW they’d like to make the decision. 

Then give them the easiest path to make that decision. THEIR WAY!

This will work well for you in not just business, but in life. Ask yourself…

WHY does my Uncle love “insert politician here”?

WHY do my kids never listen to me when I ask them to take out the garbage?

WHY did my customer choose to buy from my competitor over me?

Until you know that, you’re lost. 

Understanding WHY people make decisions also will keep you sane. Because you’re spending your life wondering why everyone doesn’t think like you, and that is maddening, and will only bring you strife.

So text me now and let me know how you’re going to try to understand WHY people make decisions. Give me an example if you wish. 

Text me now. (216) 236-8294


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