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Ohh, Pretty Pie Charts Of The Top Blog Stats

Found this link over at the Blog Herald. This piece talks about the statistics behind the top 100 blogs over at Technorati. While nothing is earth-shattering in terms of data, there are a few tidbits that jump out.

First off, here’s how they break down how they make money. What I don’t get is how they got this data? Just by looking at the blogs? Did they call them up and talk to them?


Blogging is big business these days, and most (79%) of the Top 100 blogs had some form of advertising. A mere 21% had no explicit advertising at all. The most popular form of monetization is the ubiquitous Google Adsense, appearing on 24% of the Top 100. Easy to set up, and with a large catalog of advertisers, it’s a common choice. BlogAds and DoubleClick constituted a relatively significant portion of ads, with Federated Media et al lagging behind.

Again, these numbers don’t make sense really. Only 79% of the top 100 blogs in Technorati had ads? Google Adsense is the primary choice for top bloggers? My data shows that to be far, far, far from the truth. Take a look around for yourself, the top bloggers make most of their money from sponsorships either sold themselves or through places like Federated Media.

The Topic chart is interesting to look at, I guess.


Remember, these are the top 100 blogs. So this is NOT representative of the “real” blogosphere, which by my estimation is primarily consisted of general, personal and “other” type blogs.

Overall, I think the best thing about this report is the fancy pie charts.

Want Some Free Online Marketing Ideas? Listen To My Radio Show

In conjunction with launching this newly revised blog, I’ve decided to jump in feet first and commit to a radio show as well!

I Have a Talk Show

Like this blog, the radio show is going to be focused on providing you with free creative online marketing ideas and advice. Can I help you? Are you:

  • A small business that needs to start thinking creatively online?
  • A blogger who can’t seem to get any traction?
  • A marketing person stuck in a rut, or unsure of how to get creative online?

I’ve realized that helping people or businesses succeed online through creative marketing ideas is what I’m good at, and, more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. So why not give it away, free?

I encourage you to call in to the show, or email me at jim at jimkukral dot com with your questions/problems. I’ll try to help!

Creative Online Marketing Is A Heckuva Lot Of Fun

I’ve finally done it. I’ve decided that I want to use JimKukral.com for a blog about online marketing, specifically focusing on what I’m passionate about… helping people learn how to make money online through creative online marketing techniques.

Originally, JimKukral.com (the blog) started in 2001 as a blog about my personal thoughts, then evolved over the years into just a place to ramble, rant and test things out.

Focus Jim! Yes, I have focused, and this is the new JimKukral.com, where I’ll be discussing online marketing in a way that is fun and interesting to me, and hopefully you as well. So stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

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