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Presentation: It's Time To Start Thinking... Beyond The Website

Please enjoy Jim's new presentation called "Beyond the Website - How your business should be using "the whole web" for more sales, leads & publicity". Jim is currently presenting this to small and large businesses around the country for education, inspiration and motivation. Book Jim today to schedule an in-house presentation.

"Wow, even if you are on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you can still learn more about the business of social media from Jim Kukral. He blends just the right amount of industry history, knowledge and hot trends to teach you how to take immediate advantage of all the internet has to offer. And, you will come away more enthused, enlightened and inspired to tackle these tasks yourself."

Rob Felber, President, Felber & Felber Marketing

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Here's what you will learn:

  • Why we use the Internet, past, present and the future
  • How to go “beyond the website” and how a complete strategy is the best practice
  • Defining and reaching goals of more sales, more leads and more publicity
  • The tools of the trade in use today. How they work and more importantly, “why” they work
  • Demographics of today’s online customer & social media user
  • How marketing & sales function together online
  • The expectations of today’s online customer/browser

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