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I know a thing or two about the business of online marketing. Use the navigation on the left of this page to find out more specifics about how I'm qualified in helping your online business succeed.

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I've been working with the Internet since 1996. Since then I've pretty much had my brain exposed to everything and anything Internet-related you can think of.

I've started my own firms, worked for small and large companies, and have built, designed, written, marketed, planned and promoted thousands of websites and online ideas.

What I really love to do is help businesses find success online. I enjoy creating ideas and building them into money-making ventures, as well as taking existing online ideas and finding new and effective ways of promoting them.

I love online marketing. And my wife and kids too of course. :p Oh, and the Cleveland Browns. And pizza. I could go on and on.

Read my fortune cookie story for more information on me.

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