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The Hard Truth of Hanging Around Industry Rockstars
One thing you quickly learn once you begin to attend conferences in your industry, and actually meet industry leaders... is[...]
You Suck At Sales
I recently filled out an online form in search of fishing camps in Ontario. What happens is I fill out[...]
The Moment I Knew I Never Wanted To Work For Anyone Ever Again
I've never told this story before. Not in a blog, or in one of my books, or to anyone really.[...]
Book Discovery with
If you're an author trying to find ways to reach new readers in this new world of self-publishing, then you[...]
13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be
One of my most popular things I've ever written. Now in infographic form. Please share if you like. Click image[...]
The Most Difficult Thing To Do Is Talk About Yourself
Anyone who is in the business of marketing will tell you... The most difficult thing to do is talking about[...]
Another Book Jim? Yep, Introducing “The Webinar Way”
You know how to write a ton of books? Co-author them with other people. Introducing a book I've been working[...]
Business Around A Lifestyle Volume 2 + Free Bonus
It's finally here. Part II of my book series Business Around A Lifestyle (How To Create An Amazing Online Business[...]
Ducttape Marketing Guy Wants You To Make Work Worth It (podcast)
I recently had the chance to interview the great John Jantsch, aka Ducttape Marketing guy, to talk about his new[...]
Videos For Business – Explainer Videos
Stop, before you read... a bribe. Go ahead and share my new company FunnerVids to your social network here, and[...]
My Best Birthday Ever
I'm 41 today. Thank you all ahead of time for your birthday wishes. Chances are you're reading this and I'm[...]
It Was Never About The Money (12 Days left)
Jim For Life only has 12 days left for that specific crowdfunding campaign. As you can see, we've raised just[...]
Plenty Of People Think I’m An Idiot
Was reading Chris Brogan's post this morning called "Not Worthy". Good points in the piece, but the end paragraphs got[...]
Learn How To Make A Video Like This
Go here and share my Jim For Life project. Or, here's the other full version of the original Jim For[...]
I’m Not Bragging
I had two conversations with two potential clients today. They contacted me after reading my books and wanted me to[...]