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My 14 Year Journey Back To A Mac Product, My New iPhone

14-years ago was when I bought my last Apple product. It was one of their first laptops. It had a 40 mb hard drive and a black/white screen. Back then it was awesome. I remember playing D&D games on it and also booting Word off a 3 1/2 inch disk. :)

Now, 14-years later, I’m back to the Mac! I bought the iphone as my first purchase and transition back to Apple. Here’s a video where I compare them side to side and talk about my journey from starting on Macs, to PC, and now back to Mac.

What about you? Are you like me? Did you start on Apple and now ready to make the switch back? Leave a comment below.

Note: Yes, those are rubber chickens behind me on the set. Don’t ask.

Dvorak Gets Why I Want To Switch To Mac

Everyone knows I’m counting down the days until I get my Macbook laptop. 158 left at the time of the blog entry. Dvorak sums it up for me in this paragraph. Bold emphasis below is mine.

I can see why the Mac is gaining market share, because the rationale for using one is simple. Do you want to deal with the agony of antivirus, firewall, antispyware, and other touchy software subsystems, many of which do not work well? Or do you want to boot Microsoft Word and write a document and be done with it?

That’s it. I want to boot, have it work and be done with it! It’s that simple.

My PC can’t do that for me anymore.

Dear PC, I’m Leaving You For A Mac

I’ve been trying to think of reasons why I should finally switch from PC to a Mac, but I can only come up with one reason… $$$. That’s it, that’s the only think holding me back. I have too much invested in my PC’s and software, etc…

I’m tired of using PC’s, so I’m giving PC till the end of the year to convince me that I shouldn’t switch to a Macbook Pro. You can view the live countdown here at

I started my computer life on Macs before the Internets doing graphic design, so I suppose it’s only appropriate that I make the switch back to them eventually. I only left because PC’s were easier to do “regular” business with. I think those days are long gone.

In fact, still have my Macintosh Powerbook 145 sitting on my shelf in my office collecting dust. It has a 40mb hard drive yo!