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Buring The Koran Gets Attention? You Betcha!

So this guy wants to burn the Koran. Huge story that is dominating the cable news networks. This blog isn’t about whether it’s right or wrong. This blog is about one thing: Attention!

In my book I talk about the politician who yelled “You lie!” at President Obama during the State of the Union speech. Because of that, Joe Wilson raised over a million dollars in campaign funding. The problem though? His opponent raised twice as much.

Here’s the questions I have about this Koran burning thing.

1. Are we all being played? Was/is there ever any intent to do this? Or…
2. How much money will this Pastor and his church raise (or have raised already) from this controversy?

This is a perfect example of “bad” attention. The kind of attention that takes it to the extreme, but also takes all the eyeballs with it. Not recommended, but yet, highly effective.

It will be interesting to see how famous this Pastor gets and how much money he raises.

Attention! Podcast Will Help You Grow

Ever been to You should go. Millions of people are registered and reading and participating to learn how to improve their lives. Great site full of tons of information that I have found personally to be thoughtful and helpful to my career and life.

I recently had the pleasure of doing an interview with site founder David Riklan. You can listen to it here. David and I talk about all sorts of things. Mostly though, about how you can improve your life and career and find success! You will enjoy it.

Keynoting The Affiliate Summit Video

Just got back from a long week in NYC. What a great time. So many highlights. The best part?

I was proud to take the stage at the largest Affiliate Summit to date to deliver my keynote speech. Here is the recording from the live stream in case you missed it. If you were there, you would have received a free copy of my book! Lisa Barone covered it in GREAT detail on her blog in written form if you don’t have time for the video.

Clevelanders: Join Me For Book Launch Seminar

As you know my new book is coming out next week. I’d love for you to join me for my Cleveland book launch seminar taking place in the evening on August 25th. Register here: Most of the proceeds go to the Cornerstone of Hope.

Jim Kukral’s new book is coming out and he’d like you to join him for a informative, yet informal live seminar (and launch party). Please join Jim at the Cornerstone of Hope in Independence on August 25 at 7pm. Jim will present an hour-long, free seminar on how to use attention-getting marketing techniques to help you find a job or generate more sales, leads and publicity for your business. The event is free, however, we’re only asking for a small donation for the Cornerstone of Hope.

I Want To Buy Space On Your Newsletter Or Blog

If you have a newsletter or blog or website or anything with some decent traffic, I want to know about it. My new book is coming out in August, and I’m actively looking for places to advertise it. Contact me. Any industry, any topic.

Hey, when was the last time an advertiser came looking for you? :)

If You Hate This Video, You’ll Hate My Book

You know how to know if you’re doing your marketing right? It’s easy. Some people love what you’re doing, and some hate it. That’s good news. It means that you’re generating a reaction, and in marketing, a reaction is equal to creating an emotion, and that’s when you can usually get someone to a call to action. And if you can get someone to take an action, you’re accomplishing some type of goal. Sales/marketing 101.

Case in point. I made this video. I posted it on my book blog. Chris Brogan tweeted it, then blogged about it. Hilarity ensued! Check out some of these comments.

Be Clever- It2019s More Fun

Of course, only about 10% of the comments were negative. Most people left comments like these.

Be Clever- It2019s More Fun

Now, I’ve got a thick skin from having been doing this Web thing for 15+ years. I’ve seen it all, been yelled at by the best of them and even been Google-bombed (attempted) by an angry group of haters. So this doesn’t bother me. In fact, I cherish it.

To the people who didn’t like my video, here’s what I have to say to you.

1. It was a joke. I thought it was funny. Not trying to deceive, just having fun.

2. I just saved you $25. If you didn’t like this idea, you will HATE the book. Don’t buy it.

3. I wrote a book about how to use attention-getting marketing to drive sales, leads and publicity. What do you expect from me? lol

Tiger & Nike Branding: The Road To Salvation Starts With Attrition

Seen Tiger’s new Nike commercial yet? Everyone is talking about it.

My Take?
The road to salvation starts with attrition. The old man scolds his son. He’s being punished mentally. His dead father is haunting his thoughts.

What Nike Is Saying To You, Err, Wants You To Believe
He’s not getting off scot-free. We should all realize this and begin to empathize with him as we are all not free from sin or a fatherly scolding.

The Truth?
Translation of the ad: Tiger is paying for his indiscretions, you betcha, and you should begin to feel sorry for all he’s been through.

How The Nike Brand Wins?
When times are tough, winners win and fight through and climb to the top. In other words… what the entire Nike brand is built on… winning at all costs.

I Just Wrote A Book

The book is called Attention, This Book Will Make You Money. It will be in bookstores in July 2010.

As of right now, it’s broken into three parts.

Part 1: An introduction to why attention marketing works, and then some online marketing 101

Part 2: How to make money on the Web

Part 3: Stories and tactics used by real businesses and brands to get attention and generate revenue

I believe this book will educate, inspire and motivate people. This is not a book you take a week to read. It’s something you can flow through on a flight from NYC to Vegas, walking away with a pallet full of ideas and concepts and energy. It’s a quick, fun read.

Thank you to all of the people who contributed to the book, and who line the pages. Also, huge thanks to my beautiful wife for her kindness and belief and tolerance for me over the past few months as I slaved away in front of my keyboard.

Now the fun part, promotion. Keep an eye out here for the new blog coming soon, and other fun ideas I have in store for you all.

How’d You Like To Be In My Book?

I’d love to include you in my upcoming book. It’s called ‘Attention! This book will make you money’ and it will be in bookstores in July 2010. Published by Wiley.

The book is all about how businesses and brands use attention-getting marketing/ideas/tricks/whatever to get noticed, and then specifically how they turn that attention into revenue. Revenue can be defined as anything, but more specifically sales, leads or publicity.

So, want to see your name in print? Got a great story to tell? Just answer these two questions as best as you can. Need some inspiration? Visit my old book blog at first for examples.

Publish your answers here on my blog or contact me.

Question #1 – What have you done, or seen done, by a business or brand, that has gotten attention in an unusual or creative way?

Question #2 – How did they turn that attention into some type of revenue (sales/leads/publicity).

Note: It can be a small win, such as getting one person’s attention, or getting a job or earning enough revenue to launch your company. Anything.

I’m Writing This Book For You

I’m neck deep in writing my book and I wanted to stop and take a break and get this out. I’m not writing this book for me. I’m not writing this book for my peers in the industry.

I’m writing this book for you. The entrepreneur. The small business owner. The business or brand who doesn’t “get” all of this Internet “making money online” getting attention thing.

I tell you this because I fear that you, the people who know all of this stuff, are going to read my book and say, “I already knew all that Jim.” Completely irrational thought, I know, but nevertheless, it’s a fear I have.

Scott is in a similar boat as me. He’s writing a book, with the same deadline and publisher as me, and he has a bunch of fears he has as well. 5 of them in fact.

I think it’s important to face our fears and talk about them openly. As I continue to crank out everything darn thing I know about doing business online, I keep thinking back to my audience and how this book is truly going to help them.

At the end of the day, when my book helps you, I’ll know I have succeeded.

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