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What’s the big problem with AuctionAds? It’s simple… “eBay sucks” (in my opinion), and eBay is the basis for the entire datafeed/products.

I know, I know, eBay is a billion dollar company, producing trillions of transactions yearly, etc… But you know what? Every single time I’ve used eBay to try and sell something, my auction gets flubbed up by scammers and fraudulent bidders. I hate eBay.

But honestly folks, I just signed up for AuctionAds and it was smooth and easy, and the product is easy to grab and implement. I always say, if you can make it even easier than Adsense, you’ve done a good job. They did.

The New Ad System Obligatory “Porn” Test

Whenever a new ad system comes out I like to do what I call the “porn test”. It’s simple, you just create ads based on dirty words and see what comes up. The point? None really, it’s just fun to see if the ad network allows it. So here’s a few I tried.

Keyword: Porn

Keyword: Boobs

Keyword: Sex

How’d they do? Anything funny? Anything too objectionable?