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B2B Sales & Marketing

Over the years I’ve done a LOT of sales and marketing for B2B companies. Basically, that means that I was the guy responsible for providing the sales team with marketing materials and campaigns and anything they needed to help close business. So I spent a lot of time working with sales people, and a lot more time on sales calls listening and figuring out “why customers don’t buy”. Very valuable lessons.

Today I’m talking with David Peltz, Founder and CEO of Revixio Software, creators of CorePage, the Instant Link Page System. David has a very similar background to mine and I thought it would be interesting to share some war stories and discuss the state of marketing and sales.

Although I was not paid for this podcast… I should have been. Seriously folks, the Corepage system he’s created is pretty neat. I wouldn’t let him pitch it at the end if I didn’t think it had merit.