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Billy Mays Remembered

Of course you all know by now that the master pitchman himself, Billy Mays, passed away the other day at the young, young age of 50. A very sad ending to a man who still had a lot more pitch in him. He will be missed.

I’ve prepared a short little tribute video to Billy below. Below that are some of the videos I was able to record with Billy while working with him at a trade show in Miami in early 2009. Although I had only met him one time. I admired the man and the brand he built.

This video starts with him holding his three-year-old daughter before a Zorbeez demo on the show floor. I was streaming it live on Ustream.Here’s the rest of that video of him doing the demo live.Here’s Billy and Sully doing the Dual Saw demo live in the Livemercial suite.More goofing around. Billy and Johnny Mathis prepping for the Dual Saw shoot.