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O’Reilly’s Blogging Code Of Conduct Puts Blogs Back In The Dark Ages

codeofconduct.jpgSo much has already been said about Tim O’Reilly’s “blogging code of conduct“. In fact, the New York Times picks up on the meme and transforms it into a headline grabbing, blogging brand killer entitled ‘A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs‘. (Further proof that reporters just want headlines and buzz to sell stories.)

Translation of that headline and piece to the rest of the world who doesn’t blog? Bloggers are a bunch of asshole scumbags who spew crap information full of hate and libel.

Thanks Tim, for putting blogging back 5-10 years, back to our dark age period. We were finally starting to break out of the “blogs are unreliable” feeling, but now, with your inane code of conduct and the mainstream coverage leaking out of the blogosphere, well, we’re back to square one.

What Do You Know About It Jim?

Well, actually, last year I introduced something called Blog Honor badges. But because my name isn’t Tim O’Reilly, not many people noticed. So I know a little bit about what Mr. O’Reilly is trying to do. I’ve been having this discussion much longer.

Look, you cannot possibly enforce things like “blog honor”, or a “code of ethics”. It’s impossible, and trying to do so brings up too many issues.

What you can do is assist bloggers with helping them define their own policies, which I “think” Mr. O’Reilly is trying to do. The Blog Honor badges were just that, a way for an individual blogger to express a feeling they agreed with.

I fear, however, that an “enforced” blogging code of conduct is a wld goose chase, one that can be easily avoided by blogger’s simply adopting their own policies, or “voluntarily” latching on to one that is pre-written they agree with.

How could it possibly happen any other way?

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Best Headline award: Tim O’Reilly’s Code of Crap.
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Video from 1938media: Warning, foul language.

Sunday Night Roundup, Links & Random Thoughts

Here’s some links and thoughts I had after a beautiful 70-degree, sunny day here in Cleveland, Ohio.

Thought #1: Jason Calacanis interviews Ted Murphy, fucking marketing genius (it’s #1 on Google Ted, you should be proud) and CEO of

A few thoughts popped into my head while watching this broadcast.

1. You ever notice how much nicer people are in person as opposed to when they’re calling someone an asshole on their blog? Ok, to be fair, I don’t think Jason ever called Ted an asshole directly, but he shit on his business model plenty worse. You get the point.

2. Ted Murphy is not only a fucking marketing genius, the guy is a PR wonder. He has kept his calm, clear head from day one of his company’s turbulant launch, and it has paid off big time.

x_donnydeutsch2.jpgHeck, he won me over and I was probably the biggest public hater on PPP besides Jason way back when. I’m speaking at his event in June with Robert Scoble.

Lesson: Never let them see you sweat, and keep a clear, calm head and let your passion never let you sway from your vision.

3. Calacanis is really good as an interviewer, and the show production is very good, making it fun and easy to watch. I would actually liken Jason’s performance to one of my new favorite personalities Donny Deutsch. Fyi, if you don’t watch Donny’s show “The Big Idea” on MSNBC, you’re missing out.

4. Did Jason really say he was the first blogger to ever setup a disclosure policy? Not that I really care, but is that true Jason and do you have anything to back that up? I’ve been blogging since 2001 and frankly, I’ve been disclosing since 2002. Forget it, it doesn’t matter.

Thought #2: Can businesses use social media?

On Monday, March 26, I’m moderating a panel called ‘The Growing Impact of Social Media‘ here in Cleveland.

Each of our panelists will dive into case studies that demonstrate how social media, including blogs and online communities, offer businesses a unique opportunity to interact and learn from their consumers. Be warned! This event is sure to generate a lot of excitement, but the most valuable takeaway will be your newfound confidence to assess social media ideas and the benefit they hold for your business and target audience.

Thought #3: Update On My Question To The Copyblogger

A few days ago I posted a question to the Copyblogger. Dear CopyBlogger, How Did Your Blog Become So Successful, So Fast? Today, he dodged the answer with a non-answer on his blog. That’s fine, is still one of my top 5 blogs ever in terms of high-quality information.

Jim Kukral asks me a question that I was going to try to answer, until I realized that the answer is what I write about here. I haven’t done a single thing to develop or promote this blog that I haven’t shared with you. There are no secrets; only poorly-organized information that needs to be compiled and edited into a book, which I need to get focused on.

Jim Kukral To Speak At PayPerPost Conference With Robert Scoble

Ok, not “with” Robert Scoble on stage at the same time, but “with” him at the event as a speaker. I’ve accepted a speaking gig at the PayPerPost “Postiecon” on June 1 & 2nd, 2007 in Orlando, Florida.



Yes, I did, and let me tell you why. For those of you who don’t read me here or at ReveNews, you wouldn’t know that I was probably one of the biggest PayPerPost bashers from day one. So those who know my history with PPP, are probably wondering what kind of drugs I must be taking.

The answer is, none, college was over in the early 90’s. Yes, I used to despise PayPerPost, but it was always because of one clear reason, which was the lack of required, clear disclosure that allowed for deception. It was never about anything besides that.

What they are now, and what they used to be are two different things, and I’m on record as saying I think they’re “on the right track”. They are.


So Why Accept A Speaking Gig From PayPerPost?

Let’s make this clear. I’m speaking at their event, just like Robert Scoble is (who took a lot of heat for it without merit). My invitation to speak does not mean I fully endorse their product, but rather, it means that I think I can help a lot of bloggers learn how to monetize their blogs, and build trust with their readers and build long-term, solid brands for themselves.

The bottom line is that I’m in the “helping bloggers succeed” business, and have been for years and years, way before many even were thinking about bloggers being able to make money.

Side Note: I still remember getting hate mail from people back in 2003-ish when I used to sell my ebook “BlogstoRiches“. They used to email me and say things like “Blogging is pure, you can’t make money with them” or “You’re a scumbag for trying to fool bloggers into thinking they can monetize. FU Kukral.”.

I’m Speaking To Try & Help Bloggers Succeed

My session is entitled ‘The Secrets To Long-Term Blog Success & Profitability’. It will nothing to do with how bloggers can write paid content to make money, and everything to do with how to use your blog to build success and trust long-term, whether that’s for direct profit or for your personal brand, etc…

I hope you can attend the event (which is only about $199), and if so I look forward to meeting you in person.

If you’re an event coordinator that’s looking for a dynamic, informative and well-prepared speaker, please give me a ring and let’s chat about having me at your event. Call me direct at 216.272.4383. Looks like I will be speaking at the Blog Business World event this fall as well, it’s filling up fast!

Affiliate Marketing & Blogging Disclosure Test, Your Help Needed

Would you help me test something? I’ve posted two links below, both are to the same website, but one will have my affiliate link encoded in and is clearly labeled, and the other will be a straight link.

I want you to tell me which one (honestly) you would click on if you saw it on my blog, and why.

Link #1 (non-affiliate link):

Link #2 (my affiliate link, I get a spiff if you use this):

Would you avoid my clearly labeled affiliate link? Why so?

Would you click on it because it was clearly marked and you knew it would spiff me?

Other thoughts? Leave a comment.

The point? Sure, I have a point. Let’s see what you have to say first, then let’s talk about the results.

I’m An Affiliate Marketer & My Blog Has Affiliate Links. What Else Should You Expect?

Mark at 45n5 (what does 45n5 mean anyway?) is talking more about disclosure on his blog these days. It’s good conversation, but it got me thinking.

I’m a long-time full disclosure guy, having fought the PayPerPost battles and many other blog battles over the years and recently. So I get the need to disclose, heck, I even invented these blog honor badges.

Disclosure is all about deception and intent. If it is your intent to fool or deceive someone for your own personal gain, then you have bigger problems than disclosure, you have ethical issues you need to deal with. Some, like me, would also tell you to watch your karma.

The point is, disclosure is good, but not always necessary. Sure, I’ve used the (aff) before, but you know why? I have used it to specifcally draw attention to a an affiliate link so that my friends and readers would use it because it would be clear to that that it would help me. I do that all the time on blogs that I read.

For example, this is my personal blog. I’m an affiliate marketer. I’m also a blogger. I’m also a “self proclaimed expert” in the industry of which I practice.

So, should I blatently disclose when I have an affiliate link on this blog?


Should it just be expected that I promote affiliate links because “that’s what I do” and therefore it should be know I’m not trying to “get over” on anyone by tricking them?

So What’s The Difference?

Again, it comes back to intent, and throw in some earned trust. Do I intend on making some money from my blog? Yes. Do I intend to promote products that suck so I can make a buck maybe? No.

You will find affiliate links on this blog.

And when you see them, I hope that you’ll understand that they are there because that’s part of how I make my living, and frankly, why not? I’ve earned the trust on my name through years of experience and work in the industry. I am NOT trying to trick you.

When developing your own ideas about disclosure, be sure to think about what your readers expect from you, and how much they trust you first.

How to Monetize Your Blog – The Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Show

I had the pleasure of appearing on the air with Chris Malta and Robin Cowie of the Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Show the other day. We talked about how to monetize you blog. The show was broken up into three segments, which can be listened to here.

Segment 1 – Mp3 or read transcript.
Segment 2 – Mp3 or read transcript.
Segment 3 – Mp3 or read transcript.

Blogging is one of the biggest trends on the internet right now, but a blog can do more than give you an online voice. It can also generate significant revenue for your ebusiness. Joining us today is Jim Kukral, founder of, to share different ways you can turn your blog into a serious income stream.

It was a huge honor to be on this show for so many reasons. First off, Chris Malta (CEO) and Robin Cowie (President) of Worldwide Brands are amazingly smart people who I admire. Secondly, I am an avid read of Entrepreneur magazine.

If you haven’t heard of, it’s The Internet’s recognized leader in EBiz Product Sourcing. They connect online sellers with highly qualified wholesale suppliers. They have a great product that I need to blog about soon as well. Offers 50% Discount + PayPerPost Gets Disclosure Badges

The headline says it all, sorta. Through February 2007, check it out.


We have found that advertisers who have used RM have been impressed and keep coming back for more reviews. So our biggest challenge is getting an advertiser to try it once. To encourage new advertisers we are offering a special coupon code that will give advertisers 50% off any review they purchase this month. The cool part is 100% of the sale price will go to the blogger so there is no discount in payout.

For advertisers to use the 50% off coupon they simply have to enter: trial

I have yet to try this service as either a blogger or advertiser, but I think this is finally my calling to try it out! I’m actually thinking about trying PayPerPost too, something I thought I’d never say 3 months ago.

Hat tip Aaron Wall.

On more of a PPP topic, it seems today they now require more disclosure?

PayPerPost Takes Transparency to A New Level with Launch of In-Post “Disclosure Badges” Badges Included in Sponsored Content Expand at Reader’s Discretion To Reveal Ad Space, Benefiting Readers and Advertisers Alike

A salesperson did contact me today to try and sell me on the service. He was very helpful and made a lot of sense. Again, I’m still debating to try it or not, probably at least first from an advertiser standpoint. I mean, after all Ted Murphy (PPP CEO) is a fucking marketing genius.

Don’t forget either. Lot’s to navigate.

It’s Saturday & I Couldn’t Give A Shit About Scoble Pimping PayPerPost

But guess what? Many people apparantely do. The Techmeme coverage proves it.


Look, Scoble disclosed it, and you know what? It’s business. He made a business decision based on money.

News Flash: Scoble and the other big guns are not real bloggers. They are brands. Real bloggers are 63 million people who write a blog about office furniture or their day at work. It’s a huge difference.

Let’s all stop with this PayPerPost chatter as well. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, (did I say ever?), ever seen a company get so much press without a big media budget.

People, the deception is gone, this discussion should be over, let’s move on? Business is business. The real blogosphere doesn’t give a shit, either do I.

Jeremy Zawodny Commits Headline Terrorism On Andy Beal

What else are we gonna call it? Honestly, what Jeremy did is the worst thing you can do to someone in the online business, and that is to insinuate negative things, purposely, through a link-bait headline. Case in point.

He wrote, and I quote, ‘Andy Beal Spamming MyBlogLog?’. Link.

andy-beal-small.jpgFor those of you who don’t know Andy Beal, he’s a well-known and respected search engine marketing expert. So to drop a headline with his name, and the word “spamming” together, well, that’s just being a dick. Or as we say in Ohio… Dickish. Sometimes otherwise referred to as well as “being a douchebag”. Nice work Jeremy.

Shoemoney says

I feel bad for Andy because being a whitehat seo is his business and he has a good name for doing “whitehat” seo work. This is hardly spamming its more like creative marketing (well that is my opinion). Anyway why try to call him out like that? Why not just shoot him a email and save yourself the embaresment after MyBlogLog had already given the ok?

JZ I have so much respect for you as a mysql contributor but I think you were way off on this one man.

Couldn’t agree more SM. With friends like JZ… geez.

More coverage at

I Get Quoted About Flogs

Got a call from a reporter earlier in the week who came across my BlogKits Blog Honor badges and wanted to talk about fake blogs, or flogs. The piece he put out ran in the Sacramento Bee, you can read it here. I come in at the end.

But that’s not going far enough for some in the blogosphere. Jim Kukral, a blogger and online journalist, has created graphical badges for bloggers to post on their sites, promising readers they aren’t stealthily selling their opinions to marketers.

“We have hundreds of people already using the badge voluntarily,” Kukral says. “It’s OK to try to make money with a blog, but not fool you. The whole reason blogs work is based on people being honest with each other.

“It’s like sitting in a room with your friend having a conversation. If your friend found out that you’re lying and were being paid by Sony to go to talk about the product, what’s your friend going to say to you? They’ll say, ‘Why are you pitching me things?’ You won’t have that friend long.”