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Technorati Dropped The Ball, Can They Pick It Back Up?

Mathew nailed it on the head. The rati doesn’t suck, no, but it severely lacks from being great when it has had every opportunity to do so.



Technorati has been riddled with performance issues for longer than I care to think about, has launched new features that seem poorly thought out and are already being done better by others (WTF comes to mind), and is in danger of being overshadowed by a website run by a single person, Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera.

That’s the real story here, which he nailed… that a one-man show (Gabe at Techmeme) is seemingly doing a better job than a big organization (Technorati).

Frankly, I’m disappointed in Technorati because I expected so much more. I did from Icerocket too (my analysis in that link), but they did nothing as well. They had EVERY opportunity to kick butt and take names, but they didn’t. Why? I’m guessing they never had any good ideas. Problem is, I had, and still have plenty of killer ideas for them.

Anyway, maybe this new ceo can change things at the rati. Is it too late? Perhaps. Still the best blog search? I dinna think so.

How Does Google Blog Search Rank Blogs? Now We Know.

My nightly Techmeme roundup found me learning about how Google ranks blogs in its blog search engine. I always thought it worked just like Technorati defaults, which is by “most current, relevancy”. But I was wrong.


According to Search Engine Roundtable

What positive factors contribute to a blog ranking well in Google Blog Search?
How many RSS subscriptions there are to the blog,
How often people click on a link to the post in search results,
How many blogrolls the blog is in,
How many “high quality” blogrolls the blog is in,
If the blog offers visitors the chance to tag posts, whether people are tagging them,
References to the blog by sources other than blogs,
Pagerank, and;

What negatives factors contribute to a blog not ranking well in Google Blog Search?
If new posts appear in short bursts or at predictable intervals,
If the content of the posts doesn’t match the content of feeds from the posts,
If the content includes a lot of spam related keywords,
If a lot of content is duplicated in multiple posts from a blog,
Whether posts are the same size, or roughly the same size,
Link distribution of the blog,
If posts primarily link to one page or site, and;

Bottom line, again, build good content and you’ll be fine. However, a few things stand out, like adding the chance to tag posts and how many rss subscribers you have. Get those subscription buttons up high and push them!

Anyone know how Icerocket does it? I’m pretty sure it’s just like Technorati? It sure seems that way.

On another topic, what are these guys waiting for (Technorati & Icerocket)? Honestly, Google is about to kick their butts, and they’re sitting around doing pretty much nothing. Consider me perplexed.