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Blog Search Sucks – Can Anyone Save Us?

I’ve been following IceRocket for over a year now, and have written a series of posts here and other places about them. Summary: Depite the CEO Blake emailing me to tell me they are very much alive and well, I keep writing them off as dead. But perhaps I’m wrong? Blake left this comment on my blog back in April of 2007.

# Blake Rhodes on April 3rd, 2007

Jim- We are spending most of our time on trying to make updates faster and getting rid of splogs. We are a pretty small shop so at times it is tough to get everything done that we would like.

You are welcome to email or call me ANYTIME, my email is , I will provide my cell if you would like to chat. I’m available 24/7.

We have made great strides in filtering out spam blogs and we feel like we do a better job at this than anyone else.

Again, ping me anytime. I am all ears if you feel like you have ideas that will better our site.


Today, Matthew Hurst posted that maybe IceRocket is coming back to life? Mark Evans makes a good call and asks if IceRocket is finally fulfilling its destiny as a vertical search engine?

IceRocket’s attempt to revive itself will be a huge challenge given its shot at success has likely come and gone, but the blog search market is still ripe with opportunity because it still doesn’t have a dominant player. Unlike general search, Google is battling for share along with Technorati, Sphere, Bloglines, etc.

Blog search is ripe for a hot, new start-up to capture the imagination of people looking for a search engine that works well. For all the investment in me-too companies in the photo-sharing and social networking markets, it’s been puzzling not see more activity in the blog search business.

Why should you or anyone care? Because blog search, even from Google, sucks. Across the board.

I’m going to email Blake, the CEO, to see what I can find out. Or perhaps he can leave a comment here.

Will IceRocket step up and save the day? Or is this just another flirt? Will someone save blog search? Stay tuned.

How To Get Your Blog Listed In The Washington Post?

Earlier today I wrote a piece linking to a story in A few hours later Jim L. from Adify emailed me letting me know that he saw my blog link in the article. Check it out below.

How? The Washington Post website uses Technorati to monitor the conversation for their content. Pretty smart.

This is important because it allows non-geeks to begin to learn how to track online conversations. Let’s face it, this report says it, that us web geeks are really in the minority. We need all the mainstream help we can get to get the word out about these tools we love so much.


Why Has Mark Cuban Allowed To Die?

So, Technorati is alive and well according to Dave Sifry, and Google Blog Search is growing too (how could it not?).

But what about It appears as though they are dead. Look at this chart.


Nothing, nada, zip. No movement? It appears… dead?

I wrote about the top ways to fix last year here. Here’s what I said then.

If you want to know the current state of, (Mark Cuban’s search engine), all you need to do is look here at Google News (one result) and here at the Icerocket blog (two posts in the last 30 days).

Did you look? If you did you saw what everyone else sees… Nothing. No news, no moves, nada. So what’s up? When Icerocket first launched it was primed to be a fast mover. See this techcrunch report from July 2005. Last we heard was that the deal for THK to close on them was dead in the water.


It’s easy to see why they appear to have taken an extra long walkabout. Either they are secretly plotting their next big move, or, they have simply given up the fight? If it’s the latter; what a waste of a good thing.

A company spokesperson named Blake Rhodes left this comment on that blog. That was in November 2006.

We have some stuff in the works that I think you will like.

But you know what? I just revisted the Icerocket blog just now and there hasn’t been a new post in 16 weeks, 1 hour. Is that “stuff in the works?”

I think Icerocket is dead. Too bad, it coulda’ been a contender. Mark Cuban, why are you letting this gem die?

I can fix it, call me.

Isn’t It About Time To For Google To Clean Up All The Spam They Enable?

moses.jpgSo a new report says that 75% of blogs are spam. Google owns, which powers all blogs. From…

Google better tighten up its system or the entire Blogger platform will tank from a lack of trust. According to a new Microsoft Research study, Blogspot – the free platform tied to Blogger – is among the top doorway domains for spam. Some 74% of Blogspot blogs are used as splogs.

You can view the horribly unreadable study here in pdf form if you like to make your brain hurt. Personally, I save killing my brain cells for better things like Harp and Chivas (lots of ice).

You have to wonder how long Google is going to let this continue. I don’t think they can for very much longer. I expect a big-time clean up and change of policy for all blogs soon. How can they not?

On a similar note, Search Engine Roundtable has the same story, but with additional data pulled from the report, more about domains.

Other findings of this research showed the spam percentages for Top-Level Domains (TLDs):

68% of .info TLDs are spam
53% of .biz TLDs are spam
12% of .net TLDs are spam
11% of .org TLDs are spam
4.1% of .com TLDs are spam

Geez, 68% of .info domains are spam? I’ve never bought one of those, and by golly, after reading that, I never will either.

When is the flood gonna come and wash away the spam? Or will the seas stay parted forever? Sam, lob to you.

How Does Google Blog Search Rank Blogs? Now We Know.

My nightly Techmeme roundup found me learning about how Google ranks blogs in its blog search engine. I always thought it worked just like Technorati defaults, which is by “most current, relevancy”. But I was wrong.


According to Search Engine Roundtable

What positive factors contribute to a blog ranking well in Google Blog Search?
How many RSS subscriptions there are to the blog,
How often people click on a link to the post in search results,
How many blogrolls the blog is in,
How many “high quality” blogrolls the blog is in,
If the blog offers visitors the chance to tag posts, whether people are tagging them,
References to the blog by sources other than blogs,
Pagerank, and;

What negatives factors contribute to a blog not ranking well in Google Blog Search?
If new posts appear in short bursts or at predictable intervals,
If the content of the posts doesn’t match the content of feeds from the posts,
If the content includes a lot of spam related keywords,
If a lot of content is duplicated in multiple posts from a blog,
Whether posts are the same size, or roughly the same size,
Link distribution of the blog,
If posts primarily link to one page or site, and;

Bottom line, again, build good content and you’ll be fine. However, a few things stand out, like adding the chance to tag posts and how many rss subscribers you have. Get those subscription buttons up high and push them!

Anyone know how Icerocket does it? I’m pretty sure it’s just like Technorati? It sure seems that way.

On another topic, what are these guys waiting for (Technorati & Icerocket)? Honestly, Google is about to kick their butts, and they’re sitting around doing pretty much nothing. Consider me perplexed.