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I Introduced Mark Cuban At The Blogworld Expo

Note: Found this video over at Thanks! Although the first part of my intro was cut off.

I am still riding the high of introducing Mark Cuban at the Blogworld Expo event the other day. Hopefully I can get video of it. For now though, here’s a copy (.ppt) of the short .ppt presentation I did that got some big laughs, including Mark.

Funny story before I get into the description of my intro. I was told by Rick (the BWE show owner) to meet at the show office at 4 to meet up with Mark Cuban and pitch my intro to him. But 4pm came and went, and Rick never showed, either did Cuban. So I stood there and waited, and waited.

About 2 minutes before his keynote was supposed to start, I see Cuban walking past me alone, and in a huge rush (he was late) and I figured I’d just take charge so I said, “Hey, Mark” and he stopped and I said “I’m introducing you now, it’s this way” and he just looked at me and said, “Great, let’s go, just be brief”. Said in a very nice way, not jerky.

So I followed him down the hall and past the HUGE line to get into the keynote room. He was walking at a quick pace. The dude is taller than I thought he would be. About an inch taller than me and I’m 6’2. A few minutes later I grabbed the mic and did my thing. I think it went over pretty well, although I was nervous as heck.

I started by showing the differences between Mark and myself entitled “Mark vs. Jim”.

Like… Mark has a billion dollars, Jim does not.
Mark owns a major basketball team, Jim drove past Lebron’s house once.
Mark has a private jet, Jim owns a lego Millennium Falcon.

Etc… Got some really good laughs.

Then I lead into… “But, we’re the same because we’re both bloggers.” Ahh, clever eh? I thought so.

Then I told my story and he laughed some more. Although he commented that he never said he hates me, but I swear the reporter told me that on the phone.

That was that. I wrapped up saying something like… “I couldn’t think of a better person to close out the first Blogworld Expo than Mark Cuban, blogger.” Smooth, eh? Again, I thought so.

His keynote was great, and he stayed for 15 minutes at least to take pictures and meet people. Here’s a video of the swarm of people that got him after he was done.

Mark even referenced me again in his talk talking about the pleasecallme bit. I believe he even said the idea was “genius”. Alright, now my head is really getting big.

Overall though, I was honored to be asked to the intro, and it was a great experience. Funny thing is, I wrote the intro an hour before during a session. I usually do better last minute.

Mark Cuban At The Blogworld Expo

I had the pleasure of introducing Mark Cuban this evening for his keynote presentation at the end of the Blogworld Expo. I have to find a way to get a hold of the video of my introduction somehow. Gotta have that. Zac is going to send me some pictures he took of me and Cuban from the audience.

Want to see a bit of the presentation and what happens when he comes off stage? Watch till the end. He’s, um, popular!