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BlogworldExpo Party: What Bloggers Did I Meet Tonight?

Just got back to my room after an exhausting travel day to Vegas. Tonight I went and had dinner with Zac Johnson, Wade Tonkin and Sam Harrelson at PFChangs. Joel Comm was with us, but decided to pack it in early. Probably too worn out from a year of putting the show out.

Then we headed over the exclusive Shareasale/Conversation Group party at the Wynn. Great time. I met so many faces/bloggers I had only previously “met” online. Some I’ve know for years and years. My apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone.

Gary V (the wine guy, we’re tailgating the Browns/Jets game in Dec baby!)
Ijustine (had no idea who I was, heh, sound right)
Andy Beal
Chris Brogan
Brian Solis
Des Walsh and his wife all the way from down under
Jim Turner
Tris Hussey
Rick Calvert
Alan Levy

Who else…? I missed Technosailor and the blog squad ladies :(, find me tomorrow please.

I’ve got about 10 videos to put up on YouTube to show everyone. I think I need some sleep though, I’m presenting tomorrow. Gonna be a great show! If you see me, PLEASE say hello.

PayPerPost Changes Its Name To IZEA

Ted Murphy, CEO of PayPerPost dropped me a note earlier today letting me know that the controversial company is changing its name to “IZEA”. The site is live now, check it out. From the press release I found live on the site

Effective immediately, the company will operate under the parent name of IZEAâ„¢ Inc., incorporating consumer generated advertising network and other Web sites currently operating under the PayPerPost, Inc. umbrella.

So the question is… Why change names now? Some will argue that IZEA is simply trying to remove the often scolded brand of PayPerPost from the equation. Other companies have done this in the past, and it has worked. Accenture anyone?

But in reality, it appears to simply be a restructure, with a launch of a new product that Ted has been teasing to show me for months now yet failed to deliver. Murphy may be a marketing genius, but he’s a darn tease too.

The name change comes just days before the scheduled unveiling of IZEA’s highly anticipated new service, codenamed Argus. An alpha version of the offering will be revealed on Nov. 10 at PostieCon, the company’s annual user conference. It will provide both bloggers and advertisers more visibility into social media and allow them to interact with each other and the public in more immediate, transparent and accountable ways. Access to the alpha version will be by invitation only through the end of 2007.

Full disclosure: I’m speaking at Postiecon in a few weeks, the day after the Blogworldexpo show. See you all in Vegas.

Cleveland Bloggers Take A Trip To Las Vegas Blog Convention

I did a photo shoot the other day, pic below, to promote that myself and 3 other Cleveland bloggers are taking the trip out the Blog World Expo show in Las Vegas in November.

Represent Cleveland! Want to learn more about the blogging industry? Sign up for the free event here in Cleveland on Nov 1st.

From our press release

Cleveland lights up Vegas

Four Cleveland-based social media experts invited to world’s largest blog convention
Bloggers host public event on November 1

Cleveland, Ohio, October 24, 2007 Four Cleveland-based bloggers and social networking gurus have been invited to present featured sessions at the world’s largest blog convention, BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas on November 8 & 9, 2007.

Representing Northeast Ohio at BlogWorld in Las Vegas are: Jim Kukral (left) of Ask The Blogger an expert in the field of internet marketing, George Nemeth (center) of Brewed Fresh Daily, the region’s top blog compiling hundreds of sites and user comments in the areas of economic development & coffee, Thomas Mulready (right) of Cool Cleveland, an influential weekly e-blast focusing on arts, tech, videos, and economic development, and Eric Olsen (not pictured) of Blog Critics, an online magazine featuring the work of thousands of writers, reaching millions of readers monthly with critical commentary on music, art, sci/tech, books, sports, gaming and pop culture.

You Can’t Afford To Go To The Blog World Expo?

Wait, I meant you can’t afford “NOT” to go. Look, let me lay it on the line for you.

I know who you are. You’re a blogger who doesn’t make much money from your blogging efforts. You’re struggling with new widgets and other ways to make money online and you’re discouraged that you’re not making all kinds of money from your blog.

blogworldlogo.gifYou are saying to yourself, “I can’t go to Vegas, pay for a hotel room, flight, expenses, the show fee. It’s too expensive.” You’re right, it does add up. It can be expensive, especially if you’re not making money right now.

But listen to me, please. Seriously, listen.

These are the types of events that you MUST attend if you EVER, EVER want to make your blog a success. Hands down, no question, if you are ever going to make money with your blog, you MUST attend an event like this.

Here’s my suggestion for you. Find a way to go. Get creative. You’re a clever blogger right?

It’s $75 for the basic event if you get it reserved before Oct. 19th. The next level show pass is $175. I’m coming in from Ohio, and my flight is going to be about $250. My hotel is going to be about $119/night for three nights. Add expenses for food, drinks, transportation, I figure the whole thing will cost you about $800-1000 bucks when you’re all said and done.

$1000 bucks Jim? I can’t spend that much? Alright, here’s some ideas to cut the cost.

1. Apply for a press pass. You’re a blogger right? Maybe you can get a free press pass to the show? You NEVER know.

2. Promote the affiliate program and earn enough in commissions to cut your costs or pay for your show completely. Sign up for their affiliate program over at It pays 10% to you for every signup you get.

3. Get someone to sponsor you to go. This DOES work. Just ask my buddy Joel Cheezman. Read about how he did it. You CAN do this.

Here’s the bottom line. The lineup of speakers for this show is pretty darn amazing. I’m VERY excited to finally be able to sit down and meet with some of the most amazing bloggers I’ve known online for years.

I’ll make you this guarantee, ok? If you end up going based upon this article, I promise that I will personally find time to meet with you at the show and introduce you around. I’ll also mention your blog here in my blog, and whatever else I can do.

Why do I care?

Well, I love bloggers. I get you. I am you. I know what attending a show like this can do for you. You’re going to walk out of their with at the very least one great idea or partnership, or solution for your blog that is going to change your blogging success.

Or, don’t go. Just stop pretending you’re taking this whole blogging thing seriously. You CAN make it a success.

FYI, none of the links in this piece are affiliate links. I’m speaking at the show and my pass is comped, but I still have to pay my other expenses.

Go… now… make it happen.

Still not convinced? Tell me why.