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Vote for Zappos Mandals Entries

Update, the contest is over. Voting can continue, but I took a screen grab of the votes when it expired and will be posting it in another blog post soon. You can still vote if you wish, it just won’t count.

Ok, it’s time to vote. Watch the video and look at the entries, and vote in the poll below for your favorite picture. The winners, who will be the top 5 vote getters, will each get a $100 certificate to buy anything they want on Zappos, even more mandals!

Yes, you can vote for yourself and you can encourage your friends to vote for you. I would!

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Affiliate Marketing Reaching Small Businesses

I had the pleasure of hosting the blogging room at the Affiliate Summit event a few weeks ago in Miami. One of the media people in the room was my Cleveland friend Anita Campbell of the web’s biggest small business blog at

One observation that Anita had stood out to me.


One thing never ceases to amaze me. It’s how creative some entrepreneurs can be when it comes to developing new businesses. Today’s entrepreneurs create businesses around incredibly narrow niches. Or they find opportunities that much of the general public doesn’t even know exists.

For every traditional business such as restaurant that I encounter, I run into five businesses that don’t fit into ready descriptions. In fact, I think I am going to start calling it the trend of the “Ambiguous Small Business.”

The Affiliate Summit that I attended last week was full of entrepreneurs with ambiguous businesses. Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, the co-founders of Affiliate Summit put on an excellent conference. Every conference or trade show has its own flavor and personality, and Affiliate Summit definitely had its own.

On the surface I saw lots of people wandering about in T-shirts. But underneath that surface were some very smart entrepreneurs who make their living through the Internet.

Ambiguous small business is a great term. One that seems to sum up exactly what affiliate marketing truly is, even though it’s now a billion dollar industry, at its roots, it’s small business entrepreneurs.

Here’s some of Anita’s other posts from the show.

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Great coverage Anita!