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Keynoting The Affiliate Summit Video

Just got back from a long week in NYC. What a great time. So many highlights. The best part?

I was proud to take the stage at the largest Affiliate Summit to date to deliver my keynote speech. Here is the recording from the live stream in case you missed it. If you were there, you would have received a free copy of my book! Lisa Barone covered it in GREAT detail on her blog in written form if you don’t have time for the video.

Go To The Affiliate Summit For Only $24.95

Actually, much less, only $16.83. Here’s the deal. If you pre-order a copy of my new book, “Attention! This Book Will make You Money“, within the time period of July 9-15, you get a free Silver pass ($249 value) to the Affiliate Summit event in NYC in August.

Yep, you read that right. Spend $16 bucks, and get a $249 pass to the show. Pretty great deal! All you have to do is email me (or use my contact form) the receipt of your online pre-order and you’ll get hooked up with your Silver pass.

Now, if you’ve never been to the Affiliate Summit, you need to get there! It’s THE best event out there if you are serious about wanting to learn more about how to be successful online. It’s not just about affiliate marketing. It’s about email, search, landing pages, Google, making money online, etc…

So you get my book, AND a pass to the show. How can you go wrong? Looking forward to seeing you there so I can sign the book for you personally. Remember, I’m one of the keynote speakers for the event this summer. It’s going to be an amazing show.

Learn How To Be a Six Figure Blogger

Zac Johnson is a guy I’ve known for over 5 years now. Probably more. He’s the real deal guy who makes a lot of money online, mostly through affiliate marketing. I’ve spent a lot of time with Zac at shows, dinners and at the craps table in Vegas.

So when he emailed me this weekend to let me know about his new free eBook called “How To Be a Six Figure Blogger” I jumped on this blog post to tell you about it.

Yep. Free. Download here.

Just read it, and you will agree, it’s down to earth quality and educational information about how to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. Just like he did it. There’s really NO reason you shouldn’t read this eBook. Again, it’s free!

You’ll see how Zac makes over $100,000 a year from his blog. Also, Six Figure Affiliate Blogging offers exclusive interviews with ten six figure bloggers. You’ll be able to get inside the minds of famous bloggers like Brian Clark, Gary Vaynerchuk, Shoemoney, Tim Sykes and more.

Get on it.


How To Make Money With

Just had an interesting idea. Have you seen yet? It’s this voyeuristic new (fun?) video experience where you randomly connect with people around the world through your web cam. Pointless you say? Well, kinda. But what if you can make some money from it? Here’s an idea for you to try.

Get a computer with a webcam and an Internet connection. Now, design an ad, to be displayed on either your computer monitor or on a sheet of paper, whatever. The point is, it’s an ad.

Example: “Love Snuggies? Get 50% off The Snuggie at”

Of course, should be your website, or affiliate link. Now, point your webcam at that ad and turn on Chatroulette and let it run. I would guess that you could get thousands and thousands of views on that ad every single day. Would people buy? I don’t know. It probably depends on the product you’re selling and the ad.

If it was me, I’d try to promote something fun and dumb, kinda like the Snuggie. Something everyone might buy, or knows about. The Chatroulette audience seems to be full of perverts and just regular curious people, so you figure out what what might sell.

On a similar/fun note, check out the video of this guy doing piano songs to random people.

Free Webinar: How To Generate 6-Figure Returns with CPA Networks

Everyone knows that one person, that one guy or gal in their industry who’s the “expert’s expert”. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that guy/gal who YOU call (you the expert), to get the super expert advice. The guy/gal that has forgotten more than you know.

In my world, one of those people is Jim Lillig (The CPA Guy). Jim is THE guy to go to when you want to know how to get into the CPA business and take a product and make a TON of money with it. What’s CPA? It’s Cost-Per-Action. It’s “like” affiliate marketing in that it’s performance-based, yes, but it’s kinda different. How so? Well, Jim will tell you. Again, you’re not going to find this level of insider info online.

Jim Lillig's

So here’s the deal. I’ve been telling Jim for years to take the knowledge in his brain and start teaching it to people. In other words, empty your head into your wallet. And that’s what he’s finally done. Except for now, it’s FREE for you. Go ahead and sign up for his free Webinar on March 25 and learn everything you need to know about the CPA business.

I’m warning you though, your head is going to explode. Jim does not hold back, and he’s advanced. However, if you want the best, with all the insider information, you are going to get it. This is really an amazing offer. Jim charges a LOT of money to give this information out normally.

Anyway, go sign up and thank me later.

New Affiliate Marketing Course from University of San Francisco Online

In 2009 I was asked by the good people at the University of San Francisco to facilitate the creation of a new online course on the topic of Affiliate Marketing. As you know, I’ve been involved in the affiliate marketing industry for close to 10-years, having produced my first affiliate site way back when. I also work as the emcee for the largest learning and convention in the space called the Affiliate Summit.

Today I’m proud to announce that the course is now available for sale, with a $100 coupon! You can register or learn more about it here. Want more information? Here’s a promo video I did for the program.

This is a great course, taught be amazing people in the industry. I’m one of the instructors, as well as some other people you may know. Those people include Todd Farmer, Lisa Picarille and Kim Rowley.

So what are you going to learn? Well, this course is to teach you how to be an affiliate, not a merchant. In other words, this is a one-sided course that teaches you how to become an affiliate and make money! That’s what this is all about. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of the business, and how the super-affiliates are so successful, and how you can get started earning, and building, an affiliate marketing channel.

I know you’ll enjoy the course. This is it. This is your chance to learn how to be an affiliate marketer once and for all. All from an accredited University, from experts in the industry. Hope to see you in class!

More information here. (not an affiliate link) :)

I’m Keynoting Affiliate Summit East 2010

I have some big news to share with you today. I have been asked to give the keynote speech at the 2010 Affiliate Summit East event, taking place in August in New York City. Here is the official announcement.

The other keynote will be given by Frank Luntz, author of Words That Work, Revised, Updated Edition: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear, and well respected communications professional.

Needlesstosay, I’m thrilled to accept this role and already have big plans to make the effort be something not only memorable, but also informative, fun and talked-about. It comes as no coincidence that my book, “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue” will be launched in August just weeks before the event. Come on over to the show and get a signed copy, will you?

Many of you who know me know that I’ve been the emcee for the Affiliate Summit event for years and years now. I will still continue to emcee the event, except this time I need to introduce myself instead of someone else. :) Past keynote speakers that I’ve had the honor of introducing include:

Jim Kukral & Dr. Robert Cialdini

Jim Kukral & Brian Clark

Mayor Corey Booker & Jim Kukral

More on the announcement here.

Internet Marketing from the Real Experts Book Review

I love books like this, because they offer such a wide array of tips, tricks and information you can’t get usually in just one book. You’re going to love this book because it’s all over the place with good information about online marketing. I pretty much know every author in this book, and can vouch for their knowledge/skill. Get this book!

Hey, I’m in this book, and it’s good, and not just because I’m in it. Here’s my video book review of it (below).

Oh yeah, go get a free sub at while you’re at it. It’s FREE!

This Is Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

I was working out today and when I came back I checked my email and saw this.

Dear jim kukral,

new sale / lead was registered by our affiliate program.

Sale details:
Total cost: 164.00
Commission from this sale: 54.12

I made $54.12 during my workout, for doing nothing. When I teach students about this, it blows them away. This is what good affiliate marketing can do for you. These are the kinds of things that happen multiple times a day for me because I put the right pieces in place to drive visitors to content that includes my affiliate links.

Make high-quality, problem-solving content and give it away for free as an eBook, or in an email list or whatever, and put your affiliate links inside of that content. And watch as you earn commissions over and over while you sleep. Literally.

This is what you’ll learn how to do when you visit the Affiliate Summit event.

Peter Shankman Affiliate Summit Keynote

Look, Peter is a wonderful guy. Great energy, smart and fun! So those are just a few of the reasons why you MUST take some time right now and watch him on stage as the keynote for the Affiliate Summit in NYC 2009, which I emceed.

Get a pen out and take some notes too, because Peter was dropping amazing nuggets of information and sounds bites that were being tweeted all around the world. I personally liked when Peter said the new average online attention span is 2.7 seconds… the exact time it takes to read a Tweet.

Click play, watch now, and tell me what you thought. I LOVED it. Oh, and go join Peter’s HARO.

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