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Have You Made Your Millions From Agloco Yet?

Update: It appears me and Techcrunch are on the same page. They wrote this shortly after I wrote my post below.

Well, have you? Did it bring you the dreamlife traffic and riches of your dreams just like BlogRush did?

Just wondering. I remind you of this post I wrote back in April of 2007. Another piece at ReveNews about Agloco I wrote.

I hate to say I told you so, but… I’m gonna.

Quit chasing quick riches and traffic for doing nothing. You know better. You know you do.

The only one that works is BlogBucks.

Blog Bucks Testimonials

It’s only been a few days since BlogBucks launched, and already the testimonials are flying in. See one below.

BlogRush’s days are numbered, we’re kicking their butt. I give us a month before every BlogRush user is switched to BlogBucks. Sorry John Reese, ours is better, easier and well, just more fun.


Are you experiencing a massive flood of dream traffic of your dreams from BlogBucks like others? Then leave your testimonial here in the comments, or send it in and join the happy users!

“I recently signed up for and it has changed my life. First off, within an hour after signing up I had 100,000 visitors to my site. By the end of the first day, my athlete’s foot had cleared up entirely. Thanks, BlogBucks!!!”

John Hawkins

Do Not Fuck With Blogrush! Hackers Beware!

Yesterday John Reese from Blogrush sent out a very long update letter to address a few things. You can read the entire email here in a text file, it’s too long to publish on my blog.

hackers.jpgBut I am going to publish a snippet of the email where they talk about cheaters.

And a quick word to any ‘cheats’ that might be reading this letter… it’s very possible that you may come up with something extremely creative that temporarily gets by us, but you should know something… IT’S NOT GOING TO BE WORTH YOUR TIME. And I’m not just talking about the tiny amount of traffic that you’ll receive before we shut you off.

You see, we have other plans in the works…

If you attempt to cheat or abuse our network in anyway, shape, or form, we will not hesitate to come after you. Our company is well funded and has plenty of resources. And we WILL use them to punish you to the fullest extent of the law (and civil court process). Oh, you think you can just hide behind some anonymous proxy IPs? Sorry, it’s not that easy. ANY reason you’d have to try and cheat the BlogRush network for traffic and any attempt you make to monetize that traffic will lead directly to your front door — whether it’s AdSense, any affiliate program in the world, any online pharmacy, porn site, casino… ANYTHING. We will follow the trail and it WILL eventually lead to you.

Our hard-working company provides the income for MANY families. As
the CEO of our company, I take this very seriously. I HAVE TO. People that attempt to abuse or cheat BlogRush are affecting the livelihood of all my employees and their families. And I will do everything in my power to protect them — it’s MY DUTY.

So for all you cheaters that joined BlogRush and had your fun trying to siphon off some traffic, hopefully it was fun. And I’ll go ahead and make this statement right now… IF you were one of the people that has been cheating our network I’m going to give you ONE opportunity… quit now and we’ll pretend it never happened. I think that’s more than fair.

BUT… if you continue after this point, all bets are off. We WILL eventually discover what you’re doing, where you’re trying to send traffic, and we will prosecute you. I GUARANTEE IT. Sorry, but WE HAVE NO CHOICE NOW.

Don’t get me wrong. I applaud this idea of protecting your investment and I don’t want to see any cheaters beat the system either, for anyone. Hate cheaters. What I don’t get is why publish this email with these strong words?

Two things are happening here, you choose which is correct.

1. John Reese just pissed off the cheaters who will now work triple time to mess up his system. You don’t challenge hackers.


2. John is building what marketers call “social proof”. That’s an argument methodology you build to create credibility in your product/service. EVERY good marketer uses this. Testimonials, hate letters. The idea is, “hey, if others are talking about it and using it and trying to take it down, it must be working!”

Or maybe it’s both. I don’t know.

I know this. I think Blogrush just added gasoline to the forest fire.

My Blogrush Stats – A HUGE FLOOD Of Traffic… NOT!

Note: I never put my “affiliate” code in any blog post. I put the widget on my site, but never put my code in a blog post. John Chow is right, you have to write about it for it to truly work. To me, that is NOT doing absolutely nothing.

Where’s my flood of traffic for doing nothing as I mentioned above?

By the way, I’m #2 on Youtube when you search for Blogrush, with 132 views, which have actually sent me traffic… for doing something, go figure.

Anyway, here are my amazing stats for doing nothing.


I guess I must be making the common mistakes Blogrush users make. You know, I should start writing my headlines JUST for Blogrush. Great advice.

Is the jury still out? Really?

Blogrush Proves A Brilliant Marketing Effort Will Always Win

This whole Blogrush situation just fascinates me, and I’m sorry to keep blogging about it, but I LOVE good marketing and buzz, and John Reese and Blogrush deliver.


Case in point, what we’re seeing now is the sliding scale of backlash coming back about the product. Particularly, we’re seeing the guys who have had traffic exchanges for years come out of the woodwork saying stuff like “I did it already, and you just copied it, etc…” Check out this comment at Mashable from the guy who started Blogexplosion…


Your service is nothing revolutionary, new or even original for that matter …

I’m the original owner of, the original traffic exchange for bloggers (which I ended up selling to some time ago)

Both BlogExplosion and had text link exchanges (essentially what you do), where you can target by category etc.. But that was a couple of years ago.. You can talk up your technology to match content etc. but it’s mostly just that – talk

RELEVANT CONTENT, TARGETED – Bottom line this has been done before with exactly the same functionality (except we had a much larger userbase than you do)…

The point I’m trying to make is…


This is going to sound crude, but here’s an example.

Two people could take a crap in a box and both try to sell it. But the guy who wraps it in the nicer package, the better marketer, is going to sell more boxes of crap.

Sorry dude who made Blogexplosion, and the other guys who are now feeling like they missed something. Guess what??

You did.

John Reese is a brilliant marketer. He positioned it perfectly. He got the sneezers in early to push it hard, and their minions followed suit. It was brilliant, and it worked, and even if it doesn’t last long term, he’s now sitting on probably a hundred thousand email addresses he can push announcements and product to.

The summary…

Good marketing wins. I don’t care if your product is the same, or even better. The better marketing position will ALWAYS win short term. Now, personally, I refuse to market “crap in a box”. Not my style, even if I don’t get rich, I won’t do it. But you cannot argue my points above. John Reese did it again.

P.S. This does not mean you should focus on creating products that are not high-quality. In the long run, you will be able to create a long-term profitable business on the merits of a better product that solves problems… ALWAYS.