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The Key To Online Success Isn’t Agloco & Get Rich Quick Products

I’m getting about 10 new blog entries a day now into the BUMPzee How to be successful online community I am managing.

I would say that 8 out of 10 that are submitted get included while the others get rejected because they are junk blogs full of Agloco promotions, or every blog post is written specifically to drive clicks to a “get rich quick” product.

Look, my version of “how to be successful online” DOES NOT include Agloco and get rich quick stuff. I want blogs in the community who provide helpful advice, and thoughts and stories about how to be successful.

Sure, they can have ads, and affiliate links, but there is a huge difference between writing content ONLY to sell some products, and writing content to help people. It’s a hard-sell vs. a soft-sell. If you’re hard-selling, I’m not going to let you join the community.

How Do You Define Success Jim?

Check out this neat blog I just included called The Hot Dog Truck. This guy bought a hot dog truck and set out on a quest to “make the perfect hot dog”, and he blogged the whole thing.


See, this blog isn’t necessarily about how to make money online, but it is about being successful, and he’s translated that wisdom into a neat blog that is entertaining to read.

BUMPzee Links: Good Friday, April 6th, 2007

Here’s some cool links I found today just browsing around in the Online Success BUMPzee community.

Robyn Tippins Joins MyBlogLog as Community Manager
Nice hire Eric.

CostPerNews Gets A New Look
Looking good Mr. Kotter, err, Mr. Harrelson!

Why Your Headline Could Be Too Powerful
Guest post at Copyblogger.com, from Chris G.

Mark Evans Wonders Why Newspaper Blogs Don’t Work
Mark, is it that reporters don’t like the “more work” part of writing the blog, or that it’s a “blog”?

BUMPzee Links: March 28, 2007

I’ve found that I use BUMPzee like a new type of feed reader. It’s great, I go over a couple of times a day and look through the “new” listings of blogs in the community, find what I like, read it, then bump it if I want, or dump it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

But the VERY best part of it is that if the blog owner is using the BZ widgets, I can see how many comments their blog entry has, which is great because then I can track conversations. Anyway, Scott, where’s my check? :)

Here’s some cool links I found today just browsing around.

Seth Godin says you should write an ebook.

Stumbleupon spy takes over Google

Will Google’s Pay-Per-Action Ease Click Fraud?

Can You Get Sued For Tracking Your Blog’s Uptime?

Amazon Associates launches contextual beta program

Entrepreneurial & Success Blogs Wanted For New BUMPzee Online Success Community

I’ve been hard at work adding blogs to my How To Be Successful Online BUMPzee community. You can read more about the community launch in my previous entry here.

Tonight I added about 30 new blogs into the community, all focused around providing content that is either about being an online entrepreneur, or just simply about helping online entrepreneurs succeed online.

If you have a blog that is focused on those types of things, go and see if I added your blog. If not, add it yourself! We’re up to 18 members and 48 blogs in the feed.

I updated the community description too.

The How To Be Successful Online community is for online entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to be successful on the Internet. The blogs and members of this community will focus on and discuss the world of Internet marketing, professional blogging, entrepreneurism and making money online.

New BUMPzee Community Launched Today: How To Be Successful Online

You all know how much I love BUMPzee! Well, I love it even more now that I was chosen as one of the select few to manage my very own community while it’s still in beta. So what community did I make?

bzheaderlogo1.pngIntroducing the ‘How To Be Successful Online’ BUMPzee Community

Bookmark this: http://www.bumpzee.com/onlinesuccess/

What is the community all about?

The How To Be Successful Online community is for anyone who is interested in learning how to be successful on the Internet. The blogs and members of this community will focus on and discuss the world of Internet marketing, professional blogging and making money online. Join today for free, or submit your related blog for free as well.

That description you just read is really what JimKukral.com is all about, and many, many others like it that I read every day. Like those blogs, I don’t write about one topic like affiliate marketing only, but rather, I focus on writing about all types of online marketing, with the specific goal of trying to help businesses, brands and individuals be successful online.

Do you fit that mold? Are you someone who’s looking for more information about how to be successful online? Join the community for free!

Do you have a blog that talks about ways to be successful online? Submit your blog to the community for free!

FYI. I’ve preloaded the community with about 14 blogs, listed below (in no particular order & if I missed your blog, I’m sorry, just go add it).

If your blog is on the list below, go sign up and claim your blog, and most importantly, add the bump widget to your entries and sidebar. If your blog isn’t in the list below, what are you waiting for, submit it!

Not sure about BUMPzee yet. Read this.

Super Affiliate Marketing Blog
Earners Blog
Shoe Money
Graywolf’s SEO Blog
Andy Wibbels
Aaron Wall’s SEO Book.com
The Blog Herald
Ask the Blogger!
ProBlogger Blog Tips
Jim Kukral Online Marketing Ideas

Oh yeah, and make sure to check out the other new beta BUMPzee community managed by CostPerNews’s Sam Harrelson.

Called “Next Gen Marketing”. In a nutshell, this community on BUMPzee will serve as an aggregator of blogs and insights focusing on developing trends and emerging tactics to address the rising tide of social media, attention economies and “web2.0″ platforms. It should be fun to see the discussions which arise there.

There’s also some new interface changes at BUMPzee too, so check it out!

Does Your Widget Or Web 2.0 Application Solve Problems?

widgets_03.jpgToday I was part of a panel on Web 2.0 over the ecomXpo, moderated by Shawn Collins, and including me, Scott Jangro and Sam Harrelson. It was entitled ‘Web 2.0: Views from the Thought Shapers’.

Pretty cool panel. We discussed a list of about 43 web 2.0 websites and widgets and gave our thoughts on each. Shawn has a list of the sites on his blog here.

Beyond just talking about those sites listed and some widgets, I specifically wanted to make one major point, which I will share here now.

Widgets, Web 2.0 Applications & Everything Else You Build Online Are A Waste Of Time Unless They Are Easy To Use, Easy To Understand & Solve A Particular Problem

People come to the Internet to have their problems solved, or to have fun. So if you are thinking about creating a widget or web 2.0 application, perhaps you should first ask yourself “how will this solve a problem for my target?” Then, and only then, when you have a clear answer should you proceed.

Case in point, you all know I LOVE BUMPzee. Why?

Because it solves problems for me. It saves me time. It exposes me to new sources of content in my niche without me having to work to find it. It connects me with people in my industry.


Oh yeah, and it’s fun to go there every day and follow conversations real time. Not to mention that the widget allows people to bump my stories up which provides my own blog and thoughts with more exposure.

Solve problems, and you’ll win.

BUMPzee Expands Into Search Engine Marketing Communities

Hot off the presses, my favorite mashup, about to kick Digg’s collective butt BUMPzee, has officially opened its doors beyond the beta affiliate marketing community, and added a community for search engine marketing. Oh yeah, and they have a semi-new design.

This should be of special interest to my Cleveland search friends at ClevelandSeo.com. Guys and gals, get in on the game and get your blogs added quick. The exposure you can get from being in the BZ community is good stuff.

Can’t wait to see what community Scott adds next.

Why Are More People Making Money Online?

Matt at Netbusinessblog.com posted a detailed analysis today entitled ‘Making a Living Online – All the Cool Kids are Doing it‘.

I’ve been noticing a lot of extra activity in the web business world over the last year. At first I thought it might just be because the few sites I visit were marketing themselves better or that the internet was just becoming more popular altogether. After a little bit of looking at recent traffic trends, I think it just boils down to more people are engaging in online business.

This is something I have noticed as well. Matt’s empirical research (including traffic charts) builds a decent case for “real” data to suggest that our assumptions are true.

However, I think the question that needs to be asked isn’t “if” they are, but rather, “why are people making money online”?

Two Reasons Why More People Are Making Money Online

Reason #1 – Easy To Use Tools
It’s not hard to understand that things get adopted much faster when the tools exist to foster ideas. Look at the things we have now that we never did before. Stuff like YouTube and BUMPzee, and heck, just simple blogging/cms tools that are now even easier to setup.

Take a look at this video resource where the top Internet gurus upload their videos about making money online, for free!

Reason #2 – Marketing Butterflies
I’ve always argued that today’s bloggers are like the webmasters of 10 years ago. In other words, they are not marketers… yet. Who’s the super-successful innovators online today? Right, it’s the people who had a jump start as webmasters, or designers, or programmers years ago.

You know what happened? Those people learned how to become marketers. They learned to take their skills and sell it. That’s what bloggers are learning to do right now as well. Watch out, because in 3-5 years, you’re going to see millions of budding marketers grab the reigns, and when they do, you’re going to see trillions and trillions of user generated content pumped into the mainstream.

Matt sums it up nicely.

2006 is Just the Beginning

Just about everyone I know claims to have experienced tremendous personal growth (as far as online earnings) in 2006, and I’m fairly certain that this is just the beginning. We’re standing at the gates of a new business phenomenon that few have started taking advantage of. Now is the time to build your online businesses and learn the industry. Stop putting it off because if you do you may find yourself left out.

And he’s right. The question for you reading this now is simple.

What are you doing right now, today, that will bring success for you down the road? If you’re not at least trying, you’re going to be left behind. Go for it.

5 Reasons Why BumpZee Will Be The Next Digg, But Even Bigger

Digg may have been the best “user driven social content website” out there, but not anymore. BumpZee, a new, innovative and unique community/tool built by Scott Jangro, is better than Digg, on may levels. In fact, BumpZee might be better than Digg, Techmeme, MyBlogLog and many others, combined.

Don’t believe it? Here’s 5 reasons why BumpZee is better, and why BumpZee will blaze a trail as a pioneer of successful web 2.0 mashups.

Note: BumpZee is currently beta testing with only one community focused on the affiliate marketing industry.


#5 Reason BumpZee Is Better Than Digg
BumpZee is more than “bumping”, Digg is not. All you can do on Digg is submit and/or “digg” stories. Sure, BumpZee does that too, called “bumps”, but that’s only a small part of the core functionality in BumpZee. In all reality, that simple functionality is about all there really is to Digg.

BumpZee is so much more. Specifically, BumpZee combines…

  • the functionality of a feed reader (Google Reader)
  • a meme/blog tracker (Techmeme/Technorati)
  • a user content aggregator (Digg)
  • and publisher (Blogger)
  • as well as a community/social network (MyBlogLog)
  • all in one tight little fun package

    #4 Reason BumpZee Is Better Than Digg
    BumpZee is new, so it’s not gamed, Digg is (documented). In BumpZee, the community polices itself. How? Users can not only bump entries they think are worthwhile, they are encouraged to dump ones that are not.


    #3 Reason BumpZee Is Better Than Digg
    BumpZee is professional, Digg is not. Since the BumpZee community is built from extraneous blogs that feed it, and because it polices itself, it is so far absent of massive amounts of unprofessional users looking to yell “lame” or “sucks” to every piece of content that isn’t about Apple or the iPhone or Bill Gates sucking “d00d”!

    Instead, it maintains a useful and friendly tone and provides an helpful experience to each user. Doesn’t matter if they are participants, or just readers. They all can enjoy.


    #2 Reason BumpZee Is Better Than Digg
    BumpZee solves problems for the busy professional. Digg is just a time waster. When you visit BumpZee, you are able to do so many things at once, like track conversations, bump stories, learn about new blogs in your industry, meet new people, and even participate in creating your own blog listing (if you don’t have a blog of your own), and much, much more.


    The ability to do so many things within one place, amongst your niche group of industry peers makes BumpZee an invaluable tool and time saving, problem solving application.

    bz_recent.png#1 Reason BumpZee Is Better Than Digg
    BumpZee has widgets that are actually easy to use, easy to setup and are actually useful. Digg widgets aren’t very robust and are hard to implement, and their core usefullness can be questioned.

    In fact, if you take a deeper look at the BumpZee widget page, you’ll see that there is an actual WordPress plugin design and distributed for download to anyone’s blog, as well as some easy to copy/paste code to get the widget on your blog.

    Summary: BumpZee Is The Future – Mashups Will Win
    You have to hand it to Scott Jangro, the creator of BumpZee. His vision has mashed up the very best pieces of social media and user generated content communities and tools, and put them all together into a fun, and extremely useful utility.

    Once this launches in more verticals besides affiliate marketing, I predict it will become bigger than Digg, and faster. It’s just that good.

    Go ahead, you tell me what’s better?