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I was on Ustream doing the launch live. I talked for two hours! The first hour is me talking about various things and giving away a few books. The second hour is me talking about the new business. Here’s the full video if you want to watch how I launched this.

I’ll be doing a follow up post at a later date with the steps on how I launched the entire thing from start to finish. Here’s a link to my social media release I posted up this morning.

Introducing The Biz Web Coach, My New Brand

Over 12 years ago, I took a job on faith at a “new media company” in Cleveland, Ohio. Was this Internet stuff going to be big? I wasn’t sure. The first day on the job, they sat me down, handed me a html book and said, “learn this”. So I did. I had no Web experience (who did at that point really?).

Fast forward to 2008 (almost 2009, wow) and here I am… an experienced Web professional who’s pretty much done it all online, and been exposed to all the possibilities. Call me a “guru” if you wish, I dislike that word, but in reality, I’m a teacher.

For years I’ve written blog posts and consulted with small and large businesses about how to be successful online. And I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. There is simply nothing more satisfying than watching someone who you’ve guided experience success, then the gratification of that person or company contacting you to tell you about how you helped them.

So today I’m proud to announce that I’ve decided to take my “Web teaching degree” and focus it into a new business called

What Is
It’s a membership site built for small businesses and brands who need a teacher or Web expert in their back pocket. Someone who can help them when needed with specific advice and guidance. Someone who they can count on to help them ensure they don’t make all the mistakes everyone makes.

You know, not every business can afford to hire a consultant like me. I get tons of calls every week from people who just want a few answers, and some minor advice… not a 10-page Web strategy. Of course, I would always just help those people free of charge, and I will continue to do so.

The point of is to give a low-cost, yet high-quality, coaching or consulting option to thousands of businesses and brands who need something a bit more than free help, but not as much as a full-time consultant.

Here’s an even better way to explain it… here’s what it’s not. It’s not info products. It’s not dvd’s to order. It’s not a guidebook or step-by-step system to follow.

Instead… it’s access. Access to me. The last thing that anyone wants nowadays/anymore, in my opinion, is yet another guidebook, or dvd set, or ebook that if full of information about how to get it done. Don’t get me wrong, all of things are good, and they will help you, but in all honestly, wouldn’t you rather have access to the person who wrote them instead?

I think you do, and that’s what is. So go explore and tell me what you think. Hey, you may even want to sign up! I look forward to having you.

The next post will focus on the full rebranding of Jim Kukral. Remember, this blog isn’t going away! More to come.

Success Means Working Through The Pain

I threw my back out last night somehow. I wasn’t trying to. It just happened. The problem is… I have a lot of work to do and sitting at my desk and even typing this well, hurts badly. I’m in a lot of pain.

It’s a great reminder to me, however, that the show must go on. I cannot afford to lay myself up for two days icing my back. Therefore… I must work through the pain. This is business and I’ve got stuff to do!

Look, it’s not always going to be easy, but as I said earlier, the show must go on. Back pain, or emotional pain, or distractions, they all don’t matter. You have a job to do and darn it, it’s going to get done. The strong and most successful don’t stop. They press on. They accomplish their goals in times of distress.

I’m going to put in a full day today because I know I have to, back pain or not. I can rest tonight.

Sure, it sucks, but I’m running a business. Just another sacrifice that I have to make.

Businesses Need To Write Better Copy, Here’s How

Look, if you’re a business, every single piece of copy that goes out, from your email signature, to the follow up thank you note, to the Xmas card needs to, and should be, professionally written. It’s THAT important.

A well-written email could boost your subscriber rates, or retail sales or click-through rates and much more. Words are persuasive and can help you get more actions, if used correctly. Do you use words correctly? Do you write for maximum impact?

I talked with Lynda McDaniel of who is a business writing coach. Lynda gives some amazing insight on writing content for businesses and how important that is. A good listen if you’re struggling with content writing of any form.