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Bloggers & PR People, Take Next Week Off – CES Begins Monday

It seems that most of the online blogging and public relations world stops during CES (Computer Electronics Show). This show has become huger than huge, if that’s possible. Sure, people are still blogging about other things than gadgets, but what I mean is…

During CES week, nothing else gets attention besides CES and whatever it is Apple is releasing.

I’m not kidding. Just watch Techmeme (view this time lapse to prove my point) next week (it’s already starting). The first page will be full of CES announcements, probably mostly stuff about Apple, or Google, etc…

If your plan was to get any type of attention for your company, or readers for your blog, then you had better be talking about CES. Because if you’re not, nobody is going to notice what you have to say.

Or would a smart PR person try to “counter-program” a campaign? Hmmm, might be something to try.