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Looking Back To 9/11 With Blog Archives

I started blogging in August 2001 (here’s my Web archive link), a month before 9/11. What a horrible day with mixed emotions for me. That was the day I saw my first child in a sonogram for the first time, then 10-minutes later I watched the WTC towers collapse in a doctor’s waiting room here in Cleveland. An emotional day for me for sure. A severe high, and a severe low.

I was surfing around in my archives and I found my old 9/11 day after post. Here it is word for word.

September 12, 2001

This country will be changed forever. Unfortunately, we will not rest until someone is bombed I believe. I wish there was another way, but I’m not seeing it.

Here’s my hope. I hope that this tragedy educates us and exposes our flaws to ourselves so we can learn.

I hope that this tragedy removes the cloud of arrogance we have as a society of invulnerability.

I hope that this tragedy unites us and makes us stronger.

I hope we all get through this with minimal bloodshed.

I hope my children have a better place to grow up in the future.

I hope all the hero’s of yesterday, and the next few weeks are recognized with the highest honor that true hero’s deserve.

I hope that we don’t take blind action against our fellow citizens of ethnic race.

Most importantly. I hope we unite and stand strong. Only division between our politicians, our citizens and our allies will bring us down.

I’m not going to talk about politics on this blog. But I wanted to post this as I’m still wondering the answer to my own questions.

The point is… Because of blogging, I am able to look back at my past thoughts and relive them, and so can my readers. When was the last time you looked back at your archives? Just another reason why blogging is so powerful.

BlogBucks Launch – Time To Take On BlogRush

The cat is out of the bag. I can keep it a secret no longer. Yes, BlogBucks is launched and it’s going to kick BlogRush’s you know what to the curb. It’s better, easier and more powerful.

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How I’ve been able to keep this system so secret for so long I have no idea. The thousands of beta testers who tested the system out had to sign non-disclosure agreements, and I can’t believe none of them leaked it.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of BlogBucks yet, that’s why. So what is BlogBucks?

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Blog Bucks

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User Generated Video Is Going To Change Things

When I watched this video below of Barry Bond’s big home run, it occurred to me that devices like this little nifty pocket-size video camera are really going to change the face of citizen journalism.

How would a moment like this be captured normally? Your phone, as of today, isn’t going to take as good of video as this is. You’re not going to bring a big home cam around with you to sporting events, etc…

You’re going to have a device like this sitting in your pocket, ready to take video when you feel like it. In a year it’s probably going to be built right into your phone, and by then you’ll have enough bandwidth to upload the video directly to Youtube and other channels without even having to interface with your computer.

Things are changing… fast. I love it.

Help Me Out With A Good Thought?

I’m trying to get this “good feeling” idea started. Can you help me out? Visit

Record a video and send me the link to it so I can add it to the wall of good thoughts. Let’s spread some positive thoughts around the globe?


FYI, update on my dad. He spent 18 days in the ICU, and now over 3-months in the hospital, surgery on his back, infections gone, and is now recovering in a nice rehab facility. Miracle really. All of those good thoughts worked. Thank you. Let’s keep it going for others.

Online Success Lessons From ZEfrank

ZE’s gone, but not forgotten. Well at least “The Show” is over, and yeah, ZE’s still around in spirit, that’s apparant by reading one of his post “the show” interviews over at

070322_brow_zefrank.jpgThis piece is for anyone who wishes to learn how to be a successful online, in any capacity. Why? Because if you read it, you’ll learn just how accidental this type of stuff can be at first.

Ze Frank tasted Internet stardom early. In 2001, he made a party invitation of funny dance moves for a few friends. The invite went viral, and he had the experience of refreshing his e-mail to find 60 to 70 new messages from around the world. He was a network star, and the attention was addictive. The dance thing, however, was a fluke. The real challenge would be to create that kind of attention purposefully, from scratch. He quit his job and built up his personal Web site. He had a few successes, but nothing on the level of The Show.

This breaks the perception that a lot of people seem to have that ZE’s early dance skit was what propelled him into the world spotlight, it’s not. The “Show” is what did that. In other words, he didn’t stop when his first “hit” was scored, he kept pushing.

The Point?

The point is. You have to keep trying. You have to keep pushing. You have to believe in your ideas and keep working hard and doing what you love.

ONLY then will you have a chance at the success/happiness/money/love/whatever you desire.

At the very least, if you do all that, you’re doing what your passionate about, so even if you don’t become rich and famous, you’ve won already.

One More Point?

ZE didn’t get where he is today because he was trying to get rich. Think about that.

ZEfrank’s Last ‘The Show’ Today

I gotta tell you, I’m a bit weepy after watching his last show today. Why? Well, I’m a sucker for sappy music and slow-motion montages, plus, you know, ZE is THAT good. It sucks this run is over.


You can watch ZE’s first show one year ago here. My only solace is that I can be sure of meeting ZE in person and seeing him speak at the Affiliate Summit this summer in Miami. Bring it ZE, I know you will.

Thanks for the content and follow through, you have no idea how much what you have done has inspired me, on multiple levels.

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