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April Fools Day: Confusion Is A Marketers Enemy

I hate April Fools day. Why? Because I’m a marketer, and a marketers enemy is confusion.


Confusion ruins everything for us. You can’t effectively promote anything if the possibility of confusion exists. Why? Because with confusion comes doubt. With confusion comes the loss of the product differentiation. With confusion comes the loss of trust between your message and the customer.

Confusion sucks. April Fools Day sucks.

Don’t ever launch a product on this day. You may think you’re being clever, but in reality, you’re audience is most likely going to be confused more than “aware” on your product/service.

Maybe they’ll laugh today, but tomorrow they’ve forgotten about you. April Fools day is a day I completely tune out to all marketing messages. In fact, I tune out to pretty much ALL messages on this day.

Too confusing to know what is real and what isn’t, so I don’t bother.

Don’t be the fool and think you can do it. It doesn’t work. Avoid April Fools Day.