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You Can’t Stop File Sharing, But You Can Kill Your Brand By Trying

Regal Cinemas prosecuted a 20-year-old women for recording 20-second of the movie Transformers on her cell phone to show to her brother.

Jhannet Sejas, the girl who was arrested last month for recording a 20 second clip of “Transformers” in a local cinema pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $71 fine. Regal Cinemas pressured the Arlington County prosecutor to charge Sejas, they wanted to make an example of her.

Let’s leave the law out of this. It’s irrelevant because what she did was illegal. There’s no way around that. Instead, let’s talk about what this really means… and that is…

Entertainment companies are scared shitless about their long-time business models collapsing into dust.

I was talking with someone the other day who was telling me about this site he subscribes to for $6.95/month that he gets pretty much any song, or movie to download on at will. Sometimes even before they are in theaters. I have also been working with a lot of younger people (than me) in their 20’s lately, and they ALL torrent and they ALL get any songs they want, whenever they want, however they want in multiple ways.

To them it’s not stealing. It’s “just the way it works and has always been”.

The “example” they made of this young girl certainly won’t be the last, but it won’t work. “Theft” is happening now, every second of the day, and they can’t stop it.

All this is going to do for Regal Cinemas is hurt their brand. Makes no sense.

Reminds of me of the Napster situation with all the Metallica whining. Great videos by the way, watch.

YouTube Is Screwed?

What’s not clear about this copyright tool for YouTube is if it will effect the millions of infringed videos ALREADY sitting on their network?

I’m very surprised this is coming so quickly. Frankly, I just don’t see how YouTube will be able to survive long term when you enforce this? There are too many videos out there that will NEED to be removed from the network.

I’m going to guess here and say that over 50% of every video they have is infringing on some type of copyright. Can YouTube just stop the news ones? Is that enough? I’m not sure. Fascinating though.

Nobody Wants To Steal, But Videos Are Better With Copywritten Content

I’m not sure why I’m fascinated with YouTube and the copyright situation. I guess I am one of the millions who…

A. Completely understand why copyrights are important.
B. Don’t want to “steal” anything from anyone, ever.
C. Despite those facts, still think it’s stupid that I can’t use a song from Frank Sinatra from 1965 on a video clip I uploaded, etc…

So let me quote Chris Rock when I sympathize with people like this who make this video (below).

“I don’t agree with it… but I understand!”

This guy makes some great points. I’d like to hear Jonathan’s take over at on this.

Thoughts On YouTube, The Beatles & Copyrights?

I made a discovery this morning. You can listen/watch a lot of copyrighted music on YouTube. I never realized this.

Check it out, I just spent the last hour or so browsing videos from copyrighted video/songs from The Beatles. (Doesn’t Wacko Jacko own this stuff?)

Love Me Do

Can’t Buy My Love – From movie “A Hard Day’s Night”

Personal favorite – I Am The Walrus

Check out the profile for one of the biggest Beatles uploader named “Beatlz”. Is this legal?

My second thought from my discovery today. How come you’re not allowed to download an MP3 of a Beatles song for your iPod, but it’s ok to watch/listen to them freely on Youtube?

Is this the kind of violation that the newly touted copyright screening tool will solve? More at the WSJ.

Lastly, why doesn’t someone just invent a music browser from YouTube videos?

Goo goo ga jube.

How To Download & Steal Raw YouTube Video Files In 3 Easy Steps

Yep, it’s pretty easy, and I’ll show you how below. But first know something. I think this is wrong, and I hope that it can be stopped. If you’re not fully aware of copyright issues, you should know that stealing content (video or otherwise) is an offense, and stealing someone’s video out of YouTube is probably going to get you sued quick. Don’t do it.

Step 1 To Stealing YouTube Videos
The first thing you do is visit a site called I don’t believe they’re associated with YouTube, which means that the site will probably be taken down any minute as it’s in violation of the brand. Just enter in the YouTube code for any video you want to download and hit go.

Here’s the link I put in about the NBC hit show ‘Heroes’:

Here’s a result page:

This let’s you download a .flv of the YouTube movie. Download to your hard drive.

Step 2 To Stealing YouTube Videos

Just do a search on Google for how to convert files. I found this tool right away that costs $29.95.

Notice the yellow arrow in the screen shot? Just use this tool to convert the .flv file into anything that you want, like a .avi, or .wmv.

Step 3 To Stealing YouTube Videos

Simply import your converted files into your video software and edit away!

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