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Great Copywriting = More Sales

Writing copy is an art from. Wait, let me rephrase that. Writing powerful copy that sells is an art form.


I can write well enough, sure, but even as much as I write and have written over 10+ years online, I still have to rely on professional copywriters for my sales copy. Why? Because they’re just better at it than I am!

This article from gives you a nice step in the right direction to becoming a better writer by showing you how to outline your messages into what they call a “copywriting outline”.

The purpose of the copywriting outline is to put all your thoughts about your product in one place. I created the copywriting outline to help small- and medium-size business owners and beginner copywriters complete the necessary background work before copy writing can begin in a methodical, linear way. The copywriting outline provides a single tool where you record all the details about your product or service that you will need to produce compelling copy again and again. It’s also an evolving instrument that you add to as your product or business changes and grows.

Oh yeah, if you’re not reading and subscribing to, you’re missing out.

Businesses Need To Write Better Copy, Here’s How

Look, if you’re a business, every single piece of copy that goes out, from your email signature, to the follow up thank you note, to the Xmas card needs to, and should be, professionally written. It’s THAT important.

A well-written email could boost your subscriber rates, or retail sales or click-through rates and much more. Words are persuasive and can help you get more actions, if used correctly. Do you use words correctly? Do you write for maximum impact?

I talked with Lynda McDaniel of who is a business writing coach. Lynda gives some amazing insight on writing content for businesses and how important that is. A good listen if you’re struggling with content writing of any form.


Thoughts On YouTube, The Beatles & Copyrights?

I made a discovery this morning. You can listen/watch a lot of copyrighted music on YouTube. I never realized this.

Check it out, I just spent the last hour or so browsing videos from copyrighted video/songs from The Beatles. (Doesn’t Wacko Jacko own this stuff?)

Love Me Do

Can’t Buy My Love – From movie “A Hard Day’s Night”

Personal favorite – I Am The Walrus

Check out the profile for one of the biggest Beatles uploader named “Beatlz”. Is this legal?

My second thought from my discovery today. How come you’re not allowed to download an MP3 of a Beatles song for your iPod, but it’s ok to watch/listen to them freely on Youtube?

Is this the kind of violation that the newly touted copyright screening tool will solve? More at the WSJ.

Lastly, why doesn’t someone just invent a music browser from YouTube videos?

Goo goo ga jube.

Dear CopyBlogger, How Did Your Blog Become So Successful, So Fast?

I’m starting a new feature here on my blog where I’m going to call out some online friends of mine or people that I admire, and ask them to answer questions for me, and you, that we all want to hear. Whether or not they’ll answer I’m not sure, but I’m going to ask. If I do call you out, go ahead and blog about it on your own blog or leave a comment below with your answer.

So for my first victim, I call out the Copyblogger himself, Brian Clark.

copyblogger.gifQuestion: Brian, you mentioned here that “you were an unknown a year or so ago”.

Now I look at your blog and see close to 15k rss subscribers and tons of traffic & comments, all in a short year.

How did you do that? It can’t just be about good writing. I know lots of good writers. How did you become so successful so quickly?

Bad Copywriting Is A Waste Of My Time

In my surfing tonight I came across a site with some seriously bad buzz-word copywriting. This has been on my mind lately, so I’d thought I’d share this. From their site main feature area…

365 Media provides the ideal combination of advanced technology and expertise to information providers. Our solutions and services lower costs, streamline operations, create efficiencies and generate new revenue for our customers. Our mission is to unlock the true potential of your market and partner with you in growth.


Let me rewrite that for you into what that content translated to in my brain.

365 Media provides blah, blah, blah-blah, blahblah, blah. Blah, blahblah, blah blah, blah! Our mission is to completely confuse the crap out of you with this horrible content that makes most people leave our site instantly by wasting their time instead of just saying simply what we do and how we can solve your problems. Wow, you’re still here?

Here’s a tip guys. Get rid of all the buzz-words. If you sell software, say “We sell software”. If you sell consulting, say “We sell consulting”. If your software solves problems, tell me what problems it can solve for me. It’s not about you, it’s about me, the customer!

Just keep it simple, say what you do and quit wasting my time. Help me. I could care less what you do. How can you help ME!

By the way, the rest of the content on that page is just as bad. Someone get the copyblogger in there please?

Introducing: Ask The

For years now I’ve struggled with recommending tools, services or guides that I liked because I always worked for a company in a brand management type of role. That meant that I was unable to endorse Internet related products.

Sure, I could pass recommendations to friends and colleagues, but that was about it. Until now. I’ve recently launched my latest website called from Jim Kukral is built for me to answer questions from anyone about anything Internet related. It doesn’t have to be blogging either. I’m most qualified to answer questions about anything related to making money online. ATB is also built to showcase my personal recommendations.

Let me give a HUGE shout out to the master Dave Taylor who has been running for years and years and has been a huge inspiration to me. I know Dave will appreciate that imitiation is the best type of flattery, and as anyone can see, I’m not delving into his world of tech at all. ATB is totally different.

I should also mention Tim Carter at who has also made a huge impact on the way I work. Tim is THE master, and will one day go down as one of the pioneers in online monetization.

Quit Your Day JobWhat’s Different or Special About

When I set out to build, I wanted to make it different and better. So I have been working on taking what I’ve learned over the years from blogging and online marketing and combining them together.


1. I’m hoping to solve problems for people. The best blogs or sites solve problems.

2. I’m writing it very conversational and direct from my voice as to keep it “bloggy”

3. I’m only recommending things that I’ve actually used, or that actually work. No snake oil here.

4. I’m adding a very personal touch to every blog entry. That means a custom recommendation graphic and I will be adding a custom video to each blog entry as well coming next week. You can view a sample of how one of these videos will look here in this question.

I hope you enjoy the site and maybe even find it inspiring. As always, contact me anytime (contact info on right).

Oh yeah, and do you have a question for the blogger? Ask away!

Ted Murphy Of PayPerPost Is A Fucking Marketing Genius!

After I wrote this post 30 minutes ago, I went to wash the dishes before I put my kids to bed. As I was washing I had an epiphany.

Ted Murphy of PayPerPost is a fucking marketing genius!


The Scoble thing nailed it for me. Checkmate. Game over people.

I used to dislike PPP, but now, well, I think I must start rooting for them as I admire Ted Murphy for his marketing skills. Think about it for a moment. I have followed it from the start, and I estimate that the work Ted has done has generated close to half a million dollars in free, yes, free publicity for his company since the get go. Possibly more?

Don’t believe it? Look at this press page. Then do a search on Technorati and Google blog search.

Love them, or hate them. Ted Murphy is a marketing rock star. Un-f-ing, believable the coverage he has procured for that company. Write a book Ted, I’ll read it.

The Copyblogger Is Right, Keep It Simple, Tell A Story

If you’re not already reading Brian Clark’s, then you should go there now and subscribe.

Side note: I know two Brian Clarks. That one, read up, and the Brian Clark who is a founder of ReveNews and runs Indiewire.

Back to the Brian Clark of Today he writes a great post entitled ‘The Five Essential Elements of an Influential Blog‘.


    What makes a blog influential?

    Influence is often attributed to traffic and readership levels. But in reality, those are actually benefits that are symptomatic of something that precedes them.

    How do we get people to pay attention to what we say in the first place?

    Ultimately, a blog catches on just like any other idea spreads—it must somehow speak to people in a way that they want to hear. Your posts must fill a human need, and that will most often be at an emotional level, no matter how practical we think our subject matter is.

You know, I’m already into this newly revamped blog for 24-hours or so and I believe I’ve already lost a bit of the simplicity I was going for. I suppose I could write that off as me learning my way here, but in reality, I’ve been blogging long enough to know that’s an excuse.

So what is this blog supposed to be about? Let me try to explain using Brian’s five points.

1. Simplicity is built to give me an outlet to talk about online marketing. But specifically, I want to talk about creative and outrageous online marketing ideas. I want to be able to help small businesses and other bloggers learn how to think like I do to better market their companies. To me, that’s fun. Somehow I simply have to get that into the content.

2. Unexpected
I don’t believe a lot of people have as many crazy ideas that I have. So I’m a bit of wild card when it comes to thinking in such a manner. After all, I did invent the, and the soon to be released Big Brown Box project (not adult related people, move along).

3. Concrete
Got to stay on topic with information that makes sense for your specific audience. For this blog, that’s small businesses and anyone else who wants to think, I hate to say it, “out of the box”. Yuck, I hate that phrase, but it works.

4. Credible
I think I have this covered, but I need to prove it even further with this new blog.

5. Story
Keep the information flowing in a way that tells a story, and is still valuable. I get it. I think also that integrating your personal “style” into your blog brings our your personality as well. I always go by the mantra you “should write like you talk.” Fortunately for me, I talk very frank and conversational. :0