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The Publish Button Ensures That Blogging Will Live Forever

blogging.jpgBlogging, the experience of it, really comes down to two things. First, the experience of expressing yourself, then second, the pushing a publish button. That’s it. It’s really that simple.

So when Sam and Wayne start talking about blogging not working anymore, I keep thinking to myself that they’re right, and they’re wrong.

They’re right that most likely in the future more and more bloggers will move into the Twitter type “publishing”. However, they’re wrong when they say blogging isn’t going to work anymore, it will.

It’s simply going to transform into variants of new things.

In the end, blogging is not defined by WordPress or software. It’s defined by that magic “publish” button.

So long as that button exists, blogging will live forever.

Unless of course Wayne has invented some type of “mind thought-to hard drive” methodology which does not require a publish button. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Isn’t It About Time To For Google To Clean Up All The Spam They Enable?

moses.jpgSo a new report says that 75% of blogs are spam. Google owns, which powers all blogs. From…

Google better tighten up its system or the entire Blogger platform will tank from a lack of trust. According to a new Microsoft Research study, Blogspot – the free platform tied to Blogger – is among the top doorway domains for spam. Some 74% of Blogspot blogs are used as splogs.

You can view the horribly unreadable study here in pdf form if you like to make your brain hurt. Personally, I save killing my brain cells for better things like Harp and Chivas (lots of ice).

You have to wonder how long Google is going to let this continue. I don’t think they can for very much longer. I expect a big-time clean up and change of policy for all blogs soon. How can they not?

On a similar note, Search Engine Roundtable has the same story, but with additional data pulled from the report, more about domains.

Other findings of this research showed the spam percentages for Top-Level Domains (TLDs):

68% of .info TLDs are spam
53% of .biz TLDs are spam
12% of .net TLDs are spam
11% of .org TLDs are spam
4.1% of .com TLDs are spam

Geez, 68% of .info domains are spam? I’ve never bought one of those, and by golly, after reading that, I never will either.

When is the flood gonna come and wash away the spam? Or will the seas stay parted forever? Sam, lob to you.

You Want Short-Term Traffic, Or Long-Term Trust & Respect For Your Blog?

Here’s your Kukral blog tip o’ the day. You can’t fake or quick-hit your way into being a “big time blog”. There is no quick road other than to provide high-quality content consistently over time, while building respect and trust.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do, and I’m sorry to have to do this because I recently added this blog to my blogroll because I noticed it was everything I mentioned above. Yet now, it’s going down a path that won’t work for me.

Sorry Mark at, but you are losing me. Here’s why.

#1 Reason Your Blog Is Almost Off My Blogroll: Blog Attacks With No Merit

You attacked a respected industry person without merit. Now don’t get me wrong, attacking respected industry people is something I have done as well, and it works. However, you can ONLY do it when you’re right and can back up your case. What you’re claiming to Sam is crapola, and a very transparent attempt to get yourself some controversial traffic.

The problem is, again, controversial traffic is great, if you can back up your points, and you’re only concerned about short-term hits. If you want long-term readers, this is not the way to go.

45n5.jpg#2 Reason Your Blog Is Almost Off My Blogroll: Don’t Try To Fool Your Readers

You’re gaming your stats to try and fool me and your readers. So, all of a sudden your blog is ranked #1 in Alexa, you charge $10k for a Reviewme review, and you have 368k feed subscribers? We all know how to game those stats and that’s what you did. Your sitemeter stats show you have 73 visits a day.

I ask why? What do you gain by trying to fool readers into believing something that isn’t true? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that deception is successful marketing and branding, it’s not.

Advice: Decide What You Want Your Blog To Be & Stick With It

Then live with the consequences of your choice. I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to hyper-grow your readership though some of the oldest blog tricks in the book. Believe me, I know, because I’ve used them all, and they work, however, excessive over-use of them will define what your blog and you become.

Know what I’ve learned since having been blogging since 2001? Long term, that strategy won’t work, assuming you want to build a long-term brand and trust level in your community. Chose wisely is all I’m saying.

I’m hoping to keep you on my blogroll because until today your blog was winning with me. What’s it gonna be?

Uh-Oh, Techcrunch Grabbed The MyBlogLog Story

Thanks to Sam for pointing this out to me. I wrote about this last night here.

Judging by the first comment at TC (below), I can already see where this will be going. Not good for MBL.

Holy Christ, what kind of developer doesn’t encrypt their login cookies? That’s not a security hole, it’s just awful programming.

Get your popcorn.

TecheMeme Loves Sam Harrelson’s Cost Per News

This is blatant proof. Seems that picked up Sam’s write up about my new plans.

I didn’t think it was that big of news, but I guess the Techmeme system did! Or, more likely, they value Sam’s highly, as they should. That’s probably it :)