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I Want To Switch To A Mac

For years I’ve been working on PC’s. I actually started my computer life on Apple’s way back before the Internet. I loved working on old Mac’s back in the day. But then, everyone I knew in “business” made the switch to PC’s and so did I. Over that time, the Mac’s got way better. So now I’m ready to switch back. Here’s a little video I did where I talk about the reasons I want to finally switch back to a Mac.

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It’s not that I don’t like my pc
I loooooathe it
Seriously, working a pc just kinda blows, it’s just not fun
I’m jim kukral
when I come back, I’m going to give you my top reasons why I want to switch
to a mac
It’s funny, I actually started my computer career on macs way back in the
day before the internets
Yeah, I’m old
As a matter of fact, I still have one of my first macs, check this thing out
It’s one of their first laptops. 40mb hard drive, and a black and white
It still boots up, listen
Bonus, check it out, wordperfect on a 3 and half inch disk
Anyway, I moved to pc’s when most everyone else did back in the day and
I’ve hated it ever since
Reason #1 I want to switch back to a mac
My pc laptop is slow, and it’s a loaded super gaming machine
Look, it shouldn’t take more than 1 minute to startup, should it?
Reason #2 to move to a mac
All the cool kids are doing it
Everywhere I look, I see those smarmy little apple laptops staring back at me
mocking me. Making me feel all inferior
You mac people think you’re pretty darn cool don’t you?
And finally, reason #3 to get back on the mac track
They just look more fun, don’t they?
Ok, not this old one, but the new ones
They just ooze elegance and look like they would make my business day more fun
Maybe this will be the year I finally switch back?
I’m jim kukral, and that was today’s daily flip

Also watch at:
YouTube, Metacafe, Google, DailyMotion, and Veoh

Are You Awesome? You Can Be!

I’m bringing back a few videos from waaaaayyy back in the day. August 2006 to be exact. We did these videos on Awesome Dave’s Mac. It was my first exposure to creating online videos and I realize now that these videos are a huge reason I pursued moving to video. So much fun.

So what is this all about? Me and my buddy Dave created the Awesome Million, where anyone, or anything, can become really awesome! It’s free, so go get yourself awesome today!

By the way, check out my Awesome page.

Here’s our quick intro video of what it’s all about.

Here’s a longer video talking more about it.

And here’s a wacky video of us seeing who can eat a stack of crackers the fastest.

Here’s one of us dancing like idiots with Billy Bob teeth.

What are you waiting for? Make yourself or a friend really awesome right now, for free!

Get Attention with

Nowadays we all need to find new ways to get attention in order to stand out and get what we want. I review a unique business idea called (affiliate link) that I think anyone can use to get attention in a cost-effective way. Use it to get the attention of a potential employer, or a big customer.

Why Send A Card When You Can Send A BALL

YouTube link: Get Attention with

Also watch at:
YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion and Veoh is a web show about online marketing and being an entrepreneur. Jim Kukral is an award-winning and long-time blogger, as well as speaker, writer, online marketer and web entrepreneur. You can read more about Jim Kukral here.

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Note: This is the first beta version of the Daily Flip web show. It’s… meh. It will get better (I hope). Thoughts you’d like to share? Short enough? Boring? I have a face for radio? Lay it on me.

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The website is a unique idea that I love. You order “something” for 10 bucks, and they send you “something”. I got a remote control speed car, which is pretty cool, and fun to play with.

The point is… creative ideas get noticed. Sure, they probably won’t make millions off of this, but it’s probably fun to do and gets them a lot of attention. Worked on me, obviously.

Watch this video at YouTube.

Lease Your Blog, Make Money?

Pretty smart idea coming from the Creative Weblogging team. Lease your blog! Found over at BlogHerald. Chock this one up as another creative online marketing idea that impressed me.

If you think leasing was only for cars, buildings and office space, think again. You can now lease your blog to Creative Weblogging. This could be a good alternative to selling blogs outright, or applying for a blogging position with a blog network. The arrangement is basically for CW to market your blog, and to provide technical, administrative and creative support to your blog at their expense.

Why would you do this? They argue.

Simply – It’s more fun together, less hassle and often more money for you. We pay for all services surrounding your blog. You ‘just’ blog – we do not interfere with what you write at all. Also we help you to make your blog even more famous and after ‘the lease’ is over you can sell your blog to whoever you wish.

But what’s more compelling to me is what they bring to the table.

What we bring to the table:

– We’ll integrate your site into the existing network of 135+ blogs.

– We plug you into the group of editors and give you help from the team on how to build your site further.

– We’ll pitch your site to our existing audience and advertisers.

– We pay per article (around $7 per post) or depending on your blog way more.

– We pay a page view bonus of $1 per 1000 page views (as reported in Google Analytics).

– Fully redundant hosting

– Nice layout and structure of your blog plus some great extras like email newsletters and ratings.

– We pay for all marketing and guest bloggers if you wish to bring them on.

I would consider this a good idea for many of you out there. Worth checking out.

What Do Your Customers Really Want?

There’s an amazing guest post up over at from Dean Rieck.

The Secret Motivations that Drive Your Customers

A MUST read. Enjoy.

But if you’re selling things, offering services, or even just placing ads on your blog, you’re running a business. And if you’re running a business, you DO have customers. So in order to maximize the income your blog produces, you have to understand what your customers really want

I’ve been studying customer psychology for years. And from my experience, and the experience of thousands of other businesses, I’ve compiled a list of the most powerful motivations that drive buyers.

Understand these motivations and you will understand your customers.

I Want To Be Gary Vaynerchuk

Forget the wine. I know nothing about wine. I don’t drink wine. Don’t really even like it unless its got a screw cap and I can buy it at the grocery store every once in a while. So forget wine…

I want to be Gary Vaynerchuk because…

Well, I don’t really want to be him, but I want to be able to entertain like him. I want to be able to engage my readers and viewers like he does. I want to be able to get them to participate and crave my content like he does.

It’s not the wine that makes Gary’s show good… it’s Gary.

It’s his passion for what he’s talking about. It’s his gusto in his delivery and his charm. Ok, this is starting to sound kinda creepy, sorry. I assure you, my “love” for Gary is purely an admiration for all of the things mentioned above. Also his marketing skills. His website is well done and he’s using social media VERY well to drive his brand. I’m learning a lot.

So Gary, thanks for the inspiration as I’m getting ready to do my own daily show soon, and I’m glad to have met you in Vegas. Oh yeah, and thanks for doing the sake episode.

I’ve added the widget to my sidebar so I’m hoping to win the guest seat on Gary’s show. But does he really want someone on there who doesn’t drink wine and who has never tasted anything more than a two buck chuck?

Could be interesting… just saying. Besides, the Browns will have beaten the Jets by that date?

Here’s me interviewing Gary in Vegas last month. – A Creative Idea I Wish I Thought Of!

You know me. I’m always up to some kind of wacky, fun, creative idea. That’s why I’m impressed with a new site/product I found today called

SomethingStore is a fun new website that operates quite simply: We will send you something, selected randomly among many things from our inventory for $10 (free shipping) and you will find out what your something is when you receive it. So, what will yours be?

This is awesome. I ordered “something” today, and will let you know what I get when I get it.

What’s also funny is the page that talks about what you “won’t” get. Stuff like body parts, endangered species, drugs, etc… Good stuff.

So what will I get?

SomethingStore strives to deliver both value and fun with each something. The fact is the merchandise we randomly pick somethings from varies greatly. Depending on your wants and desires, your something may be just the thing you needed or some useless stuff, as it may really be anything. Yes, some items will be more expensive than others in terms of their monetary value, but we believe eventually it’s your perception that will decide what your something is worth.

Can’t wait to find out! If you think about the business model here… It’s pretty easy to see how this could be profitable. You get your hands on some cheap overstock items that are far less in worth than $10.00, then you simply stuff one of them in a box and ship it out. If done correctly, you could make anywhere from $3.00-$8.00 from every order. They pay for shipping so that eats into the cost.

Overall, this is one of those fun, creative ideas I wish I had thought of first. Great work and kudos to their team.

The Best Marketing Book I Ever Read

Perhaps THE greatest book I ever read on the subject of marketing is called Marketing Outrageously by Jon Spolestra. If you haven’t read the book, go ahead and buy it and take the Kukral guarantee with it. If you don’t find it amazing, send it to me and I’ll give you your money for it. I’ll just give it to one of my friends. I’m serious, buy the book.

Anyway, if you read the book, and you’re like me, then you’ll also be like me when you find out that Jon has probably one of the worst websites in existence. Even worse than the glaring design letdown, he mentions on his website that he can be reached.

E-mail me. On my c ell-phone, I say, “Leave your name and phone number and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.” Always do. A lot of times, it’s even quicker on email. So, email me. Let me know what you’re thinking and how I can help.

Problem is, about a year later, and 6-7 emails later, no response, ever. Look, I’m a fan, I wanted to tell him how much I loved his book and how much his ideas inspired me, that’s all. Just kinda disappointing, you know?

Dear Jon, if you happen to read this, just drop me an email or give me a call. My contact information is on every page of this blog.