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Creative Marketing With Video: Sprint Waitless

Another smart video marketing idea. Remember we talked about Well here’s a little fun site and marketing campaign from Sprint. – They have short time saving videos that help you “turn life tedious moments into time savers”. Pretty smart.


You can learn how to quickly remove sand from your body, or how to chill sodas in 2 minutes or how to quickly peel an egg.

The point? It’s fun, it’s engaging. It’s creative thinking and marketing utilizing online video. I like it.

Thanks to B.L. for the story.

Want To Be Famous? Get Attention!

I’m not sure if “being famous” is really measured on if you get on the Tonight Show (which is one of his goals), but leaving that flaw aside, this guy has the right idea.

It’s all about attention and he’s doing a good job at getting it. Using videos and a creative website and pushing his agenda. The press loves this stuff.

Brought to my attention from Problogger.

Over the last few days I’ve been following the quest of John Gerard who is video blogging his journey across the US at his site Famous in 31 Days.

As the name suggests, John’s goals are simple – to become famous…. in 31 days.

He’s traveling across America and aims to end his journey by being featured on Jay Leno’s show. Only problem is that Jay’s never heard of him and neither had too many others before he started his journey.

Having said that – John managed to get himself some media attention in the days leading up to the start of his journey and at least in his home town got a little of the fame he’s after – but now he’s in New York and the real challenge starts.

Interview With The Marketing Genuis Behind

A blog commenter pointed me to an interview with the marketing director at Blendtech, and creator of the campaign, George Wright.

Every episode of the series contains “Tom Dickson”, CEO of Blendtec, destroying an interesting house-hold item(s). Some past blended items include: video camera, tape measure, can of EZ-cheese, and glow sticks.


In their 50+ videos, Blendtec makes sure they reach people with their message while entertaining. It is hard to forget the brand or ignore it, at the same time the branding is in no way alienating.

Great interview. Bold emphasis mine.

How long has the campaign been running?
GW: The first five videos were posted on the web on November 1 2006.

How successful is the campaign?
GW: The campaign has been incredibly successful. Our main objective of this campaign was brand awareness. We wanted people to know that our product existed. Millions of people all over the world have now viewed a product demonstration of our blender.

What inspired you to create the campaign?
GW: The inspiration for this campaign actually came from actual business-related testing. I happened upon some wood shavings in our lab – and discovered that Tom Dickson, CEO of the company, would blend a 2 x 2 board as a way of verifying that the bearings, motors and blades would withstand heavy use. Not only would the blender withstand the abuse, the blender would actually blend the board. The campaign was simply an extension of actual events.

Did you think concept would take off like it has?
GW: I knew that the videos were awesome…. I believed that there would be significant interest for this type of promotion among our customers and business partners. The additional appeal to people outside of our target demographic was a wonderful bonus.

Does Tom get recognized on the street?
GW: Yes… Tom has several stories about being recognized by his fans. He was even interviewed by a National News Network and identified by them as a “Star of the Internet.”

What kind of website traffic does receive?
GW: Numbers have been significant. We have logged more than 870,000 hits in a day. This is even more impressive when you consider that only records a portion of the traffic for the campaign. Total traffic is significantly higher.

Does the campaign have an end date?
GW: Obviously there will come a day that we will end filming new editions. We have actually taken extreme blending on the road and demonstrated these amazing feats in front of many live audiences. The concept of extreme blending will likely never go away.

How well is DVD doing?
GW: Great! We have had brisk sales on our first 50 episodes. One thing that is making the DVD popular is that it includes some out-takes and some un-released episodes. Every fan should have one!

Is there any chance of seeing Willitblend on TV?
GW: Absolutely. We have done some blending on live TV. This has mostly been associated with news related stories. We are working with several global entities on some concepts.

How much research and planning went into the campaign?
GW: Great question…. We have been very strategic in how this campaign was handled. The campaign is managed, produced and published by a small internal marketing department, we have been very deliberate about the campaign strategy. This is no accident, it is a carefully executed marketing strategy.

The Toy Guy Is A Creative Marketing Masterpiece

Got a Google news blog alert for “blogging” and picked up a story in the WSJ online about what else, blogging! That’s where I learned about this new creative marketing site/blog called


Our goal at is to provide an overview of some of the most popular toys being introduced right now, the toys that the kids in your life may be talking about.We also maintain and add to our growing database of toys released in the past; the ones you might have just won in an online auction or found at a garage sale.

Yeah, and to make money from people buying toys too. This is yet another great example of a marketing concept with some modern Internet marketing methods in place. Great video, great content and user participation, etc…

And more of all, compelling and engaging overall.

Creative Marketing Ideas In Video Form Done Right

Joel Comm really nailed it. Very well done. I was worried that it wouldn’t come off strong enough, but I must say that it’s really, really well done. Congrats to Joel. Worth a watch.

The Next Internet Millionaire Episode One

I should also point out that the video production (titles, editing, music, cuts, shots) is amazing. GREAT work. Also, love the Hacker Safe work in. Smart. Joel Comm is an inspiration, and a friend.

Online Marketing Tip: Lists Work – The Adage Power 150

There’s two things to learn from what I’m about to talk about.

1. People love lists.
2. It’s really not that difficult to create and promote a list into something big without a ton of money.

Ever hear of the Power 150? A guy named Todd created a list of the top 150 marketing blogs out there. Then most recently, he partnered with who will be taking over the list.


I’m very excited to announce that the Power 150 ranking of top marketing blogs is joining forces with Advertising Age, the world’s leading marketing and media publication. The Ad Age + Power 150 partnership will help make the list an even greater tool (more powerful) since Ad Age has a dedicated staff, a giant readership and more resources than I do. The Power 150 is already one of the standards by which many bloggers measure themselves. The hope is that Ad Age can help make it a standard by which the entire industry will measure them, and thus help boost the profile of the whole blogging community.

Introducing the new Adage Power 150.

The Power 150 is a ranking of the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world, as developed by marketing executive and blogger, Todd Andrlik. It’s really as simple as that, except that the name isn’t strictly accurate: It currently ranks more than 360 blogs written about all types of media and pretty much every imaginable marketing discipline.

By the way, this blog, Marketing Ideas Online is holding steady at #140.


The Online Marketing Idea Factory?

I’ve got a million creative marketing ideas. The problem is, I can’t possibly implement them all. I was thinking about starting an “Idea Factory” of some sort to help businesses out who need help coming up with new online marketing ideas.

The question is, what would you pay for a killer marketing idea? If I didn’t have to bring home the bacon, I’d just give them away for free to people for fun. Someday.

Check out some of my projects (these are just some). I’ve got about 100 more I could do if I had time.

Time wasters? Or sanity savers? Both I think.

Awesome Million – Be awesome, you know you are!
AsktheBlogger – Got a blogging question?
Big Brown Box – It’s big, it’s brown, it’s full of stuff! – Love something? Make a list!
Don’t piss off the blogger t-shirts. – Seriously, don’t do it. – I do, find out why. – Send me yours, I’ll give you mine.
Complete Rip Off – Why wait, just get ripped off now!
Free Search Report – You want more traffic?
Top Bananas – $1 is cheap, be a top banana!
Affiliate Marketing Friends – Join the community!
The Wassup! Project – Get your Wassup! on!
Making Money Videos – Videos about online success.
Countdown to Mac – Tick, tick, tick.

Scratchback Beta Invites Gone, But Don’t Worry, You Can Win Free Webhosting For Life!

Thanks to a quick mention in Twitter on a Sunday night, I was able to get the word out quick enough to wipe out my beta invites in less than 5-hours, with no other publicity beside my own blog post and a pickup from Costpernews.

Thanks everyone for signing up, as soon as we’re ready we’ll begin inviting you into the beta. From the feedback and anticipation and questions I’m getting (overwhelming really), I can see that there is indeed a void for this type of solution in this industry. I said the word “fun”, and everyone seemed to pay attention.

But just because the beta application invites are all mopped up, doesn’t mean you can’t still participate. Introducing the Win Free Hosting For Life contest.

Visit for details and rules. It’s free, and it’s really pretty simple to enter. Imagine no more hosting bills for the rest of your life?

Online Advertising Just Got Fun – My Latest Project:

You thought I was done helping others make money online when I sold BlogKits eh? Not quite. Starting today, I’m accepting only 100 beta testing applications for my latest project called

The press release goes out later this week, but loyal blog readers get the scoop early of course, and can apply for one of the spots early as well. I’m thinking they’re going to go fast though, so sign up now if you’ll want to have an invitation to the private beta in August.


So what is

I’m not revealing the juicy details as of yet. Beta users will get a sneak peek though. All I will say for now is that it is an online advertising solution similar to things like Chitika, Blogads, AuctionAds or TextLinkAds and Adbrite. Similar in that it’s a publishing solution, but totally different and unique in how it works.

It’s mostly unique because it’s fun. In fact, the entire model is based around fun, not “making money online”.

I’ve been building this project in my head for 3-years now, and it’s almost done. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and having some fun!