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Online Success: Start With The Idea, Monetize It Later

dwight_schrute2.jpgDo you love the hit tv show ‘The Office’ like I do? Great, fun show. Good tv.

If you like it like I do, you’ll like this site my buddy made called Memorable quotes from the hit NBC show “The Office”.

But this isn’t a pimping of my friend’s site. I wanted to point out a few observations about this site and my friend that apply to the business of online success.

First off, it’s important to note that this site wasn’t built to “make money online”. It was built because he liked the show, plain and simple. In other words, he is the best example of the new modern consumer. He has become a customer evangelist.

Second, it was only after the site was built that he began to try to monetize it. There’s a lesson here. Build your passion, and worry about monetization next.

Third, this is a great example of a site that will flourish using Auction Ads as opposed to Google Adsense. Why? Because instead of serving up “links” to stuff, Auction Ads can serve up actual products that are from the show specifically.

Creativity Is The Most Important Key To Online Marketing Success

We’ve gotten to the point that most online videos (including mine) are sucking. Well, not sucking, but they’re boring.

Let’s face it, this Internet video thing is growing up fast. It’s time for more creativity.

The best part is, you can be creative without big bucks. Check out this cool video on RSS.

There are two types of Internet users, those that use RSS and those that don’t. This video is for the people who could save time using RSS, but don’t know where to start.

When you’re done watching that, check out this neat marketing website that uses photos to promote a book. Interesting to say the least, and more effective than reading some bullet pointed copy, no? I think so.

Get creative people. Do something that sounds fun. Grab your home camera, video or digital. Be crazy. It works.

Remember, it’s really hard to make mistakes today. Everyone just needs to try something, anything.

As I said in another blog post. Do it, or don’t. Just don’t complain next year when everyone else did and you didn’t get any of the spoils.

Sometimes Simply Taking Chances Is Your Best Marketing Effort

Case in point, look at how the media picks up on simple stories like this.

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Ryan Fitzgerald is unemployed, lives with his father and has a little bit of time on his hands. So, he decided to offer his ear, to anyone who wants to call.

After posting a video with his cell phone number on YouTube on Friday, the 20-year-old told The Boston Globe he has received more than 5,000 calls and text messages.

Fitzgerald said he wanted to “be there,” for anyone who needed to talk. “I never met you, but I do care,” a spiky-haired Fitzgerald said into the camera on his YouTube posting.

Now, I doubt this kid will be able to leverage this for any cashola, but… what he could do is leverage his “fame” into a new blog or something. All from a silly idea that was a bit risky.

Do you take chances with your marketing?

I HIGHLY suggest reading Marketing Outrageously. You know my offer. Buy it, and if you didn’t love it, send it to me and I’ll give you the cash for it and and give it to one of my friends.

Last point. This guy wasn’t the first to do it either. See below. Why point this out?

Just because someone has done it once, does NOT mean it can’t be done again. It’s all about hitting the right message to the media.

Online Videos Increase Traffic & Bring Eyeballs To Your Online Business

asktheblogger_youtube.jpgI knew my constant harping on online video would start to pay off :). ran a piece today called 10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic With YouTube Videos, and they included one of my (please subscribe to my channel on YouTube) videos in example #4. I’m flattered, thanks guys!

Read the entire post for the full analysis. Here are the top bullets.

1. Embed a YouTube video in a blog post.
2. Share a YouTube video link in an email.
3. Create your own video and share it at YouTube.
4. Use your YouTube account to showcase your blog.
5. Use your blog to showcase your YouTube account.
6. Become an active YouTube user.
7. Tag your YouTube videos carefully.
8. Post YouTube video links to your Twitter account.
9. Sponsor a YouTube video or user.
10. Broadcast yourself.

Another VERY interesting piece in the article talks about the success of using online video in a marketing experiment.

Marketing Experiments Journal recently conducted an experiment to test the theory that viral video clips can drive targeted traffic to your website:

“We created a total of 28 videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to 8 minutes. Each video had a 3-5 second promotion at the end of it, specifying a URL which indicated that there was a website that may be interesting or relevant to the viewer. Videos were placed on YouTube and Google Video, and where possible, a link was provided on the same page as the video, which drove traffic back to the main website. All of the video clips we shot were deliberately “amateurish” in their approach and production.”

They conclude:

“Although the video clips had no promotional message or content, 1.49% of viewers went on to become newsletter subscribers. In Just 60 Days, our videos were viewed over 324,000 times at no cost to us. KEY POINT: With no additional work or money spent, we are projected to generate 382,444 views for October, which is more than we generated in the previous 2 months combined.”

You’re still not ready to start doing videos yet eh? I will win you over eventually.

Free Online Marketing Consultations Every Friday

Are you struggling with how to successfully manage or create an online business? Does your business need more sales, leads and publicity? Do you simply need someone to talk to who can tell you what you need to do to be successful online?

I’ve decided that every Friday (for a limited time) is now renamed Jim Kukral’s FREE Friday. I will personally get on the phone, or meet you in person (Cleveland, OH) to discuss your problems or opportunities that you face online, all for free.


No catch. Simply contact me using the form on this page to schedule a time.

Not interested in free? Hire me to be your caddy.

Thinking Creatively & Taking Chances Is A Marketing Strategy That Works

girl_postitnotes04.jpgBack in 1994 I had a job interview with an advertising agency in Akron, Ohio. During the interview I noticed the President’s office wall covered in yellow post-it notes. And I mean a ton of them, all over the place, like wallpaper. “That’s how I get work done and remember stuff,” he said. I thought it was pretty cool, and it gave me an idea.

After I left the interview, I went to the store and bought some packs of post-it notes, and a big paper sheet about 3×3 feet in size. I had my wife, girlfriend at the time, who has unbelieveable handwriting write down a quality I posessed on each yellow sticky (hard worker, good designer, smart, etc..). We filled up the entire paper sheet with those stickies, creating a “wall” of my best attributes.

It was my resume in sticky notes.

The next morning I dropped it off at his office before he got in. A few hours later I got the call and was hired instantly.

Now, I didn’t take the job as I had another offer to join something called a “new media agency”, which I took instead, but that’s another story.

The point is… Thinking creatively and taking chances is a winning combination.

Do you think creatively? Do you take chances? I believe that many of you have good or even great ideas, but you are afraid to act them out. Why?

Jon Spolestra, my newest marketing hero, author of an AMAZING book called Marketing Outrageously, advises that you everyone should sit down and get a little piece of paper and write down the craziest idea you have for marketing your business on it. Then stick it in your pocket and just keep it there. You don’t have to show it to anyone if you don’t want to, just keep it there as a reminder to you that you can think in such a manner.

My advice? Stop worrying about failure. It’s going to happen, a lot. I’ve failed countless times, and been laughed at too. I’ve been told my ideas are lame and will never work, and some have, and some haven’t. But you know what?

I will never, ever stop trying.

P.S. Go ahead, buy that book. If you don’t think it’s amazing, send it to me and I will pay you for it, guaranteed. I’ll just give it to someone else. No joke.

Add Live Ratings To Your Blog Posts In 30 Seconds

Js-Kit has done it again. First they released their super simple, yet amazing commenting script. Now today I got an email from them letting me know they have a ratings widget for your blog posts.


See the stars below the BUMPzee widget below? (you have to be on the individual entry page to see it, click the headline of this blog post) Pretty nifty eh? Go ahead and rate this post.

Why do I love stuff like this? Because it’s simple, yet powerful… a deadly combination for a widget.

Digg this please?

New BUMPzee Community Launched Today: How To Be Successful Online

You all know how much I love BUMPzee! Well, I love it even more now that I was chosen as one of the select few to manage my very own community while it’s still in beta. So what community did I make?

bzheaderlogo1.pngIntroducing the ‘How To Be Successful Online’ BUMPzee Community

Bookmark this:

What is the community all about?

The How To Be Successful Online community is for anyone who is interested in learning how to be successful on the Internet. The blogs and members of this community will focus on and discuss the world of Internet marketing, professional blogging and making money online. Join today for free, or submit your related blog for free as well.

That description you just read is really what is all about, and many, many others like it that I read every day. Like those blogs, I don’t write about one topic like affiliate marketing only, but rather, I focus on writing about all types of online marketing, with the specific goal of trying to help businesses, brands and individuals be successful online.

Do you fit that mold? Are you someone who’s looking for more information about how to be successful online? Join the community for free!

Do you have a blog that talks about ways to be successful online? Submit your blog to the community for free!

FYI. I’ve preloaded the community with about 14 blogs, listed below (in no particular order & if I missed your blog, I’m sorry, just go add it).

If your blog is on the list below, go sign up and claim your blog, and most importantly, add the bump widget to your entries and sidebar. If your blog isn’t in the list below, what are you waiting for, submit it!

Not sure about BUMPzee yet. Read this.

Super Affiliate Marketing Blog
Earners Blog
Shoe Money
Graywolf’s SEO Blog
Andy Wibbels
Aaron Wall’s SEO
The Blog Herald
Ask the Blogger!
ProBlogger Blog Tips
Jim Kukral Online Marketing Ideas

Oh yeah, and make sure to check out the other new beta BUMPzee community managed by CostPerNews’s Sam Harrelson.

Called “Next Gen Marketing”. In a nutshell, this community on BUMPzee will serve as an aggregator of blogs and insights focusing on developing trends and emerging tactics to address the rising tide of social media, attention economies and “web2.0″ platforms. It should be fun to see the discussions which arise there.

There’s also some new interface changes at BUMPzee too, so check it out!

Online Video Click-Through Rates Vs. Traditional Banner Ads, It Ain’t Pretty

Interesting news piece over at my old stomping grounds today. Entitled ‘Online Video Ads Leave GIFs and JPGs Standing Still, Says DoubleClick’. The entire piece can be summarzied into this paragraph.

People are about twice as likely to play a video, or replay one that started automatically, than they are to click through standard JPG or GIF image ads. Video far outdistances plain image ads when it comes to the coveted click-through rate, said DoubleClick. It said the click-through rates for the videos ranged from 0.4 percent to 0.74 percent, while the click-through rates for plain GIF or JPG ads range from 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent.

What Does That Mean For You?

That means that you better get on the ball and start filming videos. I don’t care who you are. From the largest billion-dollar corporation, to the small, expert SEO consultant… video is your promised land.

Still don’t believe it? I’ll be posting a case-study that shows exactly what I mean in the next week or so. So subscribe to my blog for updates if you want to learn how it’s done, and how it can boost your traffic.

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So What Is The Big Brown Box?

The best way to know what the big brown box project is, is to read this page.


What kind of stuff can I send in for the big brown box?

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