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Should I Try Google Radio Ads? How Do I Get Started?

This is a brief interview with David Lawrence, a long-time radio personality heard by millions every night on his XM satellite radio show ‘The David Lawrence Show‘. But what you might not know is that David is a Google Radio Ad preferred solution partner (login through your Adwords login), which means that when you want to try Google’s new radio ad system, his company is listed as one of the companies they trust to product high-quality radio ads for you.

It’s not as expensive as you think. Read below.

davidlawrence.gifJim Kukral: Is Google Radio Ads something a small business should try in addition to Adwords and other marketing methods?

David Lawrence: Absolutely, especially given how low the barrier to entry is with Google Audio (that’s what it’s called.) Be aware that radio is great for branding, not so great for immediate response, especially if your web site is a very specialized one. What you want to use radio for is to make sure the listener knows you exist, and that because of your messaging, they think of you first when they need what you sell.

Jim Kukral: How much or how little should I expect to spend on a Google Radio ad campaign to be effective? Is there a minimum?

David Lawrence: It’s not what you spend, it’s the number of times the same listener hears your message. You want at least 10 plays to the same listener to cut through the clutter.

Jim Kukral: Your company produces professional radio ads as a Google preferred partner. How much do they cost and what do you get?

David Lawrence: They range from a single voice spot, performed by me, from your script, for $250. They can go as high as $1000 if you need a script written, there are multiple performers in the spot, and there is music and effects.

You can get more information and demos at http://www.sottovocefilmworks.com/spots.html – and you can contact me at davidlawrence@aol.com.

Jim Kukral: What type of radio ad works best?

David Lawrence: No one type of ad works best – we discuss this extensively with the client, identifying exactly what they want their metric of success to be, what the differentiators are between them and their competitors, and then build a custom spot just for them.

Jim Kukral: How do I know what radio stations to advertise in. Does you company provide advice and consulting on that as well?

David Lawrence: We do. We can help you identify your age, sex, lifestyle and geographic targets. Those must tie in with your success metrics.

David Lawrence, Online Radio Guru Appearing On Jim Kukral’s Radio Show

Mark your calendar. I have a very special guest appearing on my radio show on January 30th at 4pm est, Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539. Perhaps you’ve heard of radio giant David Lawrence, heard nightly live online and on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Road Dog 147, and on XM Satellite Radio’s Open Road 171 as well as on AM and FM stations across the country?

davidlawrence.jpgOf course you have, and I’m proud to say that David, the man, the myth, himself will appear on my radio show for a half hour discussion of well, just about anything related to online success, maybe particularly about being an online radio star. This is your chance to call in live and ask David a question, don’t miss it.

David Lawrence’s show is billed as ‘Pop culture, technology and humor, served up nightly from LA’. And yes, it sure is all of those things.

Maybe you heard David’s latest interview with CEO of Godaddy.com, Bob Parsons?

Or you could go back and listen to me as Awesome Jim and my partner Awesome Dave talk about Awesomemillion.com.


Because quite simply, David is both a radio star, and an online success. He’s built his brand around both things, and can certainly help you understand how to do that as well. This guys knows what he’s talking about, and he’s agreed to give us a half hour to pick his brain.

Remember, the show is at 4pm est on Tuesday, Jan. 30th. Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539.