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The $7.95 Marketing Plan – Build Your Brand For Less Than The Price Of A Pizza

I’ve always been fascinated by creative and fun domain names. In fact, I’ve been building Web businesses off of domain names for over 10-years. It’s fun, and rewarding and profitable. And the beauty of it is that anyone can do it.

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I recently finished my latest eBook called ‘The $7.95 Marketing Plan – Build your brand for less than the price of a pizza’. It’s totally free to download and distribute, so there’s no excuse for you to not check it out. Take the quick read and learn how I’ve used domain names to build profits, publicity and more over a 10-year career. It really is that easy if you understand the secret recipe.

What’s the secret recipe? Well, just go read the free eBook and find out.

The $7.95 Marketing Plan

What Do You Do? We Do Business!

Another reason why I love my non corporate job. Get to the minute 5:45 mark and watch the part about the consultant, classic.

“What exactly do you do here? Well, we do business!”

Doing Business at Business, Inc.

This clip, and the last one from my previous blog entry from my local Cleveland improv group Last Call Cleveland.