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Video Book Review: The Big Idea

It’s the moment when you say, “There’s gotta be a better way.” It’s the moment when you ask, “How can I solve this problem?”

Donny Deutsch’s hit CNBC show The Big Idea has put the spotlight on that ordinary moment and the people who have the courage and stamina to make their dreams come true.

Big Idea, The: How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True, From the Aha Moment to Your First Million

Elevator Pitch: Zane Savage

Another elevator pitch from an animated guy called Zane Savage. Great pitch… assuming he wants people to think he’s nuts. LOL. It really is a good pitch. What do you think?

How about sending in your own elevator pitch? Email me the link and I’ll feature it here on this blog.

Elevator Pitch: Zing Sales Solutions

Here’s another elevator pitch sent in from someone brave enough to try. This time from Roger from Zing Sales Solutions.

It’s a few over the 15-second mark, but it’s “ok”. I admit after watching it once I only know that he does some type of sales solution, but I’m not sure “exactly” what. That is a bad thing. Feel free to try again and resend me another.

Where’s YOUR elevator pitch? Send me your video link and I’ll feature it here on this blog. Try to keep it 15-seconds or less.

Elevator Pitch: Onemansgoal.com

Got another elevator pitch from Onemansgoal.com, a blog in the making money online niche. What do you think of his pitch? Pretty good I though. I wish he would have said his name though? Isn’t that important?

Want to have your elevator pitch reviewed? Send me your video and I’ll post it here on my blog.

Elevator Pitch: Ovineyards.com

This elevator pitch comes from France! Ryan O’Connell of www.ovineyards.com gives us his pitch. Big problem on the pitch is that he never identifies himself or his family or his company/brand. Nothing about the type of wine he’s making that’s special/unique either. Other than that, what do you think?

Send in your pitch!!! Email me the link to your video and I’ll post it here!

Elevator Pitch: FranchiseSelectionSpecialists.com

Joel Libava, my Cleveland buddy, and super franchise expert sent in his elevator pitch. I think best one yet? Except for the Pink Floyd ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ track in the background, which now means I’m going to have to listen to Dark Side of the Moon this Monday morning. I think it would have been better without the music track Joel, but great job.

What do you think of Joel’s pitch? Where’s yours? Record and upload someplace and send me the link. I’ll feature it here.

Elevator Pitch: Donna Baxter

The elevator pitches are starting to fly in now. Where’s yours? Upload it someplace and send me the link and I’ll feature it here.

So, this one comes from Donna Baxter, founder and web mistress of TheSoulPitt.com and co-owner of 2TechDivas.com.

Discuss this in the comments. Did you like her pitch? Dislike it? Were you able to get her “business” in 15 seconds?

Elevator Pitch: Cumbrowski.com

A few days ago I asked you to send me your elevator pitch. Today I received our first one to review from Carsten Cumbrowski, an associate of mine in the affiliate marketing world.

Here’s his pitch (he’s German, bear with him and his accent which can be tough to get at first). What did you think of it? Please review it in the comments below, and don’t worry about being nice. Just give the truth! I know Carsten and everyone else can benefit from this exercise.

When are you sending in your elevator pitch? There’s no time limit. Just record it and send me the link to it when uploaded and I’ll feature it on this blog.

Note: You don’t have to do any extra editing like Carsten did. Just look into the camera and record!

Send Me Your Elevator Pitch

Here’s a deal for you. Record your elevator pitch on video and send me the embed link and I’ll post it on my blog. Then I’ll review it and give you some tips. Good exposure for your blog, or business, or whatever. :)

If you want to be successful you need to be able to give your elevator pitch, or your “unique selling proposition”, to a customer. Can you do it? You need to be able to. Take my challenge. By the way, happy tax day to those of you in the USA.