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Good To Great: Adding Features

I wrote the other day about how Aweber added a nice new form builder feature to their product. Read about that here.

It got me thinking. Aweber gets it. They know that you have to continuously improve your product if you want to stay on top, and they know that you need to then give it to your customers as a feature. I’ve seen some companies try to paste on extra fees for upgrades like the Aweber one.

Bad idea. To be successful… to keep customers… you have to be constantly adding features, not charging more. Sure, you “could” make a nice chunk of change getting people to sign on for the upgrades, but in reality, all you’re doing is alienating your existing client base by not giving it to them already.

Why cheese off your customers? It makes zero sense.

My philosophy has always been to add, add, add… then add some more. Keep piling on the features until your customer loves you so much they will never leave!


That’s what you want. That’s how you build customer evangelists too.

Aweber Launches Form Builder

I’m a huge fan of Aweber, the service I use that collects emails for me and let’s me do email marketing with ease. There are other out there you can use, but in my experience, Aweber is the only one that let’s you do it all (except import emails but that’s another story).

I was just reading about how Aweber is releasing a brand new form builder today that you will love and will make it even harder for you to go use another service. I know for me, even with the level of knowledge I have building Web pages and such, that formatting the email signup boxes on my site with the old method was a pain in the you know what to make it look good.

No more. Check this out.

How Easy Is It To Make A Web Form?

Now you can easily create good looking email signup boxes, even with graphics! And, this is killer, the easy ability to add check boxes to your forms! These kinds of features are key to letting regular people who aren’t experts in building sites get started and create success. It’s so important to be able to put an email signup box in place on your site, and now, you’ve got even less excuse to get it done.

I love it when the technology catches up. I see a trend brewing. Everything is getting easier/better. That’s good news.

Go signup for Aweber, it’s what I use. That’s my affiliate link if you care.